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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The cost of a Cup of Coffee

There was a time when I would ‘Go for a coffee’ at the drop of a hat. If a friend rang and said join me down the street I’d change and pop out with no thought of the cost. Didn’t enter my mind to say ‘come round to my house’. It certainly would have been cheaper for me and any cakes or biscuits in the house would have far less calories than the ones on offer at a Coffee Shop.

Today I went out for with some Red Hat Ladies for Morning Tea at a small café in a nearby suburb. Not a posh one - just a very pleasant one on Canterbury Road. We went to enjoy ourselves and meet a visiting ‘sister’ from Canada. There was lots of fun with our usual chat and joking around and eating and drinking. Nothing special.

When I went to pay my share I was horrified at my part of the bill. My coffee and cake totaled $11 and I had been very careful to choose one of the cheapest items available. I’m not sure if I’m becoming tight in my old (well not that old) age and I really need to get out more but it amazes me how some Cafés manage to charge so much and get away with it.

That certainly put a hole in my allowance for the week :(

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  1. Last week I suggested to my husband let's go over to Starbucks for a cup of coffee. We can sit outside & J (our son) can play on the rocks that are out front.
    Hubby said "let's make our own coffee & sit on our own patio & save $12 bucks. So that's what we did. Fun to go out to coffee houses, but it sure does get expensive.

    Thanks for stopping by. I will be sure to stop by again.


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