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Monday, March 12, 2007

Coasting along

Life has been hectic this past 3 weeks so some things had to go by the wayside - unfortunately this was one of them :(

I haven't had time to do much exercise -no excuses the time just wasn't there and I am not thinking about the waste of last month and this months gym payment as I know I'll make full use of it in a few weeks time when things get back to normal.

I also know that I have eaten well so I haven't gained any weight :))

but then apart from a couple of hundred grams I haven't lost any either:((

Also haven't had sugar craving (unlike a certain contestant on The Biggest Loser who felt she 'deserved' 2 King sized mars bars) which has helped as I haven't been tempted to go look for chips and lollies in the supermarket.

I had to laugh at one of my girls the other day who seriously loves chocolate. She has joined up with her girlfriend for monthly challenges - this is the funny thing this months challenge is - NO champagne and NO chocolate - because Easter is next month and she will be sure to eat some then.

Mind you she does run several times a week, seriously long runs and totals over a hundred for each month so a little bit doesn't hurt her now and again. Thats her rationale and theres no way this chocolate lover was going to dissagree with her..

Anyway we are all well and feeling lots better now the heat of summer seems to have passed on, it was rough here for a while and thankfully the past few days in Melbourne have been nice and comfortable. Cool nights and mornings have mean't we have slept well and then the days have warmed up to give us lovely afternoons.

Of course this also means Autumn has arrived and will be followed by Winter and anyone who knows me knows that I dislike cold weather so we will have to hope we get lots of rain and that will keep the temperature up a bit.

Where has all the rain gone? Queensland and The Territory seem to be getting oodles of it, bit too much for some with the news of more cyclones and a record wet yet its strange in places they are on water restrictions.

I doubt that I'll be updating for a while as I will be busy again for the next few weeks, I'm involved with the FINA World Championships so my time will be limited - very early mornings as all my shifts a day shifts and I have to be where I'm 'working' for 6.30am which means I'm going to be in bed very early as well.

Am 'working' in an area called Accreditation - which basically is where people are issued with those square ID thingies that they have to wear for identification at any major event these days. It involves a lot more than just handing them out - but its an interesting area because as well as dealing with all the volunteers we get to meet lots of international visitors ( including athletes and their team officials, world media as well as FINA 'bigwigs').

Have to go, humdrum things to do like pegging out the load of washing thats just finished.