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Monday, February 5, 2007

Still no rain

Haven't done much over the past 2 weeks so this will be a quick conversation. Have been involved with other things - Husband had a day trip to the hospital (he's fine now) and unfortunately I had to see a Cardiologist and have an Echocardiogram.

Following on from my problems of last year, my GP wondered if the tiredness and lack of energy may be something more sinister so when a routine ecg showed something it was off to the specialist for me. We have a family history of heart disease and the trying to lose weight and fitness regime is supposed to ward off any early changes so all sorts of nasty thoughts were going round in my head and it has a been a bit of a stresfull time.

The run on the treadmill at Eastern Heart was interesting - first an ultrasound on the heart and then this walk which wasn't too bad to begin with. All hooked up to wires that were attached to an ecg machine and BP machine it started at a slow pace on level surface, then this very nice man upped the incline and the pace, nothing I couldn't cope with till the incline looked and felt like I was trying to walk up the side of Mt. Dandenong. :(

Then the machine stoppped suddenly and they did another ultrasound of the heart to see how it copes under stress. Honestly it was pumping so lound and fast I thought it would burst. Have to see the Cardio fellow again some time but the technician didn't seemed concerned.

I don't know if he was trying to prove something (thats what I thought in my pounding mind at the time ) but he said most people got as far as level 7 but I went to level 9 !! All I thought was thank goodness I was reasonably fit and used to walking some hills as it would be a killer for anyone with a heart problem.

Yes it still hasn't rained here in Melbourne but they say a little drop may appear this evening - believe that when I see it!! Watering is a fun time and so is carrying the bucket from the shower along the hallway to the front door. I'm sure it will all come good in the end but it's certainly a trying time.

I did manage a couple of trips to the gym once it went back onto regular hours and classes and walked several days but seemed to have spent a lot of the time clearing out cupboards in various rooms. Its a mystery how we manage to accumulate so much 'stuff' even tho we have regular clear outs?? So after offering bits and pieces to friends I gave the rest to the local op shop. They say what comes around goes around so I am helping to keep that saying going (in the nicest way) - if you follow my meaning.

Going to be hot again today - 38c - our new airconditioning has been well and truly tested since it was installed. I keep wondering whether to have the old one taken out of the wall but then think we may get hot humid summers where that is of more use than the evaporative one so I think it will stay there for a while. I have been out for a half hour walk already and plan to attack the linen press once my breakfast has gone down.

I started writing this first thing this morning - the day came and the day went and now its nearly bedtime. Spent a very hot day clearing out some more cupboards and I went to a 5.15pm pump class so I did achieve something. Weighed myself there and I have dropped a little bit and as we all know every little bit counts doesn't it :))

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