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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Now its cooler its more pleasant

Woke up this morning feeling a bit tight all over and then remembered I'd upped my weight yesterday at the pump class. I didn't put them up by a huge amount but seemingly enough for some of my muscles to complain.
I weighed myself while I was at the gym and I'm down a bit and like I said yesterday -'every little bit helps'. Its like saving cash for something - you start off small with cents and the balance doesn't look much but once it turns into dollars its far more impressive.

I didn't get a walk first thing this morning although it would have been the tops as it was so beautifully cool. Some commitments I have to a volunteer group I organise meant I have been out till 1pm so now I've had my salad sandwich and yogurt lunch I am about to put the walking shoes on and enjoy a lovely day. Husband has gone off to Healesville for golf the rest of the afternoon is mine, outside its overcast and theres a slight breeze and even feels chilly at times such a contrast from yesterday - just right to try and get 5kms in.

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