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Friday, February 9, 2007

My little hissy fit

Well I just typed out a great post but somehow it didn't publish properly and is nowhere to be found.

Basically I've had what I call a pain of a week. I tried out a site called calorieking.com.au recommendeed by several people and I don't know if its me or what but I got annoyed at the time I had going from one page to another trying to gather calorie values and record meals and measurements that I think I'll just use it for the values and record the other in a notebook I have here. Not much different to what I do each day as it is but with calories instead of kjs.

I did learn I need to consume 1200 calories and exercise for a least half an hour each day to lose any weight which without sounding clever is something I vaguely knew anyway.

The Australian version of The Biggest Loser is driving me bonkers, I realise the are only interested in the 13 contestants left but I get up half way through each evening and never finiish watching it. No tips given to the public at all except the age old message - if you want to lose you must put in the work. I wonder who else will have paddy and storm off leaving his/her dummy on the ground.

I have been busy during the day and so many things have happened late in the afternoon I haven't managed another pump class this week so am determined to go this evening. I often try for Saturday morning but there are other commitments tommorrow which is most annoying as thats the morning I weigh myself on their scales. On a brighter note I have walked each day - mainly short 3kms but did get a long (for me ) 5km one in.

Bugger theres the phone, lets hope Blogger publishes this as I'm not to going to write it all again.

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