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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hot time in the Suburbs today

According to the Weather Channel at the moment it is 33.5c where I live - its too hot to do the gardening I planned so I've spent a lot of the day once again clearing out some cupboards. Thats one thing about a hot summer - I do tend to move on a lot of stuff not used for a while. One way or another it goes from the house.

Got out really early this morning for a walk - 7.30am and already it was quite warm so just did 30 mins/3 kms and was glad to get home and cool off. Supposedly its going to be hot for the rest of the week and also over the weekend so I don't think I'll do any more long ones but aim for the gym and some classes instead.

Must tell you tho' last Monday morning I outdid myself and just kept on going round the local streets ending up with 6kms in the end. Didn't increase my pace just toodled along and got home at the end of an hour.

Was surprised I didn't feel puffed as thats farther than I would normally go so was quite chuffed with myself - even more so when I did a Pump class in the early evening and stayed at the higher weights I'd gone to the week previous. Will take in another class later this aftenoon so will keep at those weights and see how I go.

The scales at the Leisure Centre have gone on the blink so I'm back to mine at home - which weigh a little lower so it means I'll have to remember that when I see the figures I have to add another kilo to the total :((

It hasn't gone down a lot but my clothes are feeling a bit looser and my body feels lighter which is good as theres nothing worse than feeling thick around the middle. This time I am really going to make it happen as I am now able to see a shape around my waist area and hips and not look as tho I am chunky and straight up and down.

Not much happened this week, seems to have been the usual routine commitments .

One thing that did happen last Saturday as I was signing in for a class at the Leisure Centre who was standing next to me but Alex from The Biggest Loser. Did a double take as he had lost oodles and really looked a lot smaller than the night before when I'd seen him trying to run round the Sydney Tower, said Hello but didn't ask how long he'd stayed on the show.

Of course on Monday night we found out he was voted off that first week so he would have been home for possibly a couple of months. Hadn't seen him around as I had been very lax and not used the actual gym all summer - we have good jogging trails close to there as well so he could have used that area for part of his training out of the public's eye.

Went out to Lunch at Healesville on Sunday - oh how hard it is when you are presented with a smorgasboard of rich food in an atmosphere I love. The Seafood Buffet and Carvery were ok but when I saw the Dessert Table my legs nearly buckled. I'd been to this restaurant lots of times before but this was the first time it stressed me to see all that food and have to be diligent in my choices so it sounds like the lessons are sinking in and I am finally learning a thing or two.

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