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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

No rain yet but bananas are back

Bananas are back at a reasonable price - Hooray. I can now enjoy one of my favourite fruits at a price I am willing to pay. I have really missed them since the cyclone wiped out all the australian crops up in Queensland early last year.

I do like them very much but at $14 a kilogram I began to wonder how true my love was:)

Now at $2.99 a kilo I am content to buy even ripe ones - I can make lovely banana loaves with them.

Cricket is going great and makes a hot day bearable by watching it in the cool of the lounge room with the airconditioning going. Feel sorry for the Poms who did not do too well in the Test Series, well they didn't do anything did they.

The One Days Games are on the go with the addition of a team from New Zealand to spice things up and also the new Twenty/Twenty matches which and I'm sure they wouldn't like to hear me say this almost look like backyard cricket 'hit it and run' games the kids play.

The Tennis has started, looks like The Mouth From the South got through to the next round last night. He seems like a very mixed up talented man who seems to rub everyone up the wrong way. How about the brawl between the Croats and Serbs the other day. Not really cricket was it. I wonder how far the Williams girl who played will go this year as she seems to have put on a lot of weight and seemed to be slow around the court. Shouldn't be rude but she has a huge bum and it was quite embarrassing to watch.

It was so hot here yesterday some of the matches on outside courts were stopped till it dropped down to a reasonable temp so not sure what will happen there today as we have another very hot day forecast. Seems the extreme heat policy means they can finish games started but won't start new ones till its droppped to below 35c.

Some football clubs are delaying the start of the season because their grounds are so hard they are dangerous. They aren't allowed to water anymore and are classed as dangerous so there will be lots of kids upset about that come the usual start to the season which is not long after they go back to school after their long break .

Stage 3 Water restrictions now mean I can only use the hose on 2 days a week. First thing in the morning (6 - 8am) and last thing at night (8 - 10pm) and I can assure you these are not the most popular times in my house to be hanging around the garden and some of the days I forget its actaully 'MY' day to do it. Tuesday and Saturday are days I have a lot on and my mind is elsewhere so theres no wonder I forget.

My poor garden is not looking happy at all but as sad as it seems as long as the roses survive and we finally do get some rain I'll be able to replace most of the other stuff around them. Its giving me time to actually think about whats growing out there and do I really need it - short answer is yes but I may try to ge the same look with more hardy plants when this blows over.

I can't say much about the terrible fires we are having here in Victoria and also in other states as I cant find the words to describe how I feel.

Wonder when they will end - lightning strikes from dry storms have started most of them but there have been rumours of firebugs in some places.

Must go now - babysitting day again. Most likely will go to the pool or if it turns too hot it will be roller skating.

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  1. Hi Cathy:-) Happy to hear you are starting to get some "me" time again. Yes, Isn't it great that banana's are affordable again and yummo to banana loaves. I love making them!! Sending much needed rain wishes your way. Have a good week!!


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