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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

No rain yet but bananas are back

Bananas are back at a reasonable price - Hooray. I can now enjoy one of my favourite fruits at a price I am willing to pay. I have really missed them since the cyclone wiped out all the australian crops up in Queensland early last year.

I do like them very much but at $14 a kilogram I began to wonder how true my love was:)

Now at $2.99 a kilo I am content to buy even ripe ones - I can make lovely banana loaves with them.

Cricket is going great and makes a hot day bearable by watching it in the cool of the lounge room with the airconditioning going. Feel sorry for the Poms who did not do too well in the Test Series, well they didn't do anything did they.

The One Days Games are on the go with the addition of a team from New Zealand to spice things up and also the new Twenty/Twenty matches which and I'm sure they wouldn't like to hear me say this almost look like backyard cricket 'hit it and run' games the kids play.

The Tennis has started, looks like The Mouth From the South got through to the next round last night. He seems like a very mixed up talented man who seems to rub everyone up the wrong way. How about the brawl between the Croats and Serbs the other day. Not really cricket was it. I wonder how far the Williams girl who played will go this year as she seems to have put on a lot of weight and seemed to be slow around the court. Shouldn't be rude but she has a huge bum and it was quite embarrassing to watch.

It was so hot here yesterday some of the matches on outside courts were stopped till it dropped down to a reasonable temp so not sure what will happen there today as we have another very hot day forecast. Seems the extreme heat policy means they can finish games started but won't start new ones till its droppped to below 35c.

Some football clubs are delaying the start of the season because their grounds are so hard they are dangerous. They aren't allowed to water anymore and are classed as dangerous so there will be lots of kids upset about that come the usual start to the season which is not long after they go back to school after their long break .

Stage 3 Water restrictions now mean I can only use the hose on 2 days a week. First thing in the morning (6 - 8am) and last thing at night (8 - 10pm) and I can assure you these are not the most popular times in my house to be hanging around the garden and some of the days I forget its actaully 'MY' day to do it. Tuesday and Saturday are days I have a lot on and my mind is elsewhere so theres no wonder I forget.

My poor garden is not looking happy at all but as sad as it seems as long as the roses survive and we finally do get some rain I'll be able to replace most of the other stuff around them. Its giving me time to actually think about whats growing out there and do I really need it - short answer is yes but I may try to ge the same look with more hardy plants when this blows over.

I can't say much about the terrible fires we are having here in Victoria and also in other states as I cant find the words to describe how I feel.

Wonder when they will end - lightning strikes from dry storms have started most of them but there have been rumours of firebugs in some places.

Must go now - babysitting day again. Most likely will go to the pool or if it turns too hot it will be roller skating.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Lazy Days in the sun

Busy all last week with the visiting grandaughters but still managed to get in some walks and a couple of classes at the Leisure Centre.

I discovered that even at 9 and 11years old when they have late nights they still sleep their usual number of hours so I was able to get out about 7am and walk the streets while they were still sleeping. With Husband there it mean't I could concentrate on the footpath and not keep thinking I had to get back as soon as possible if they woke up.

They weren't great big long ones but going out with the thought that something is better than nothing I was able to do my short 3km/half hour walk on most days of the week and then I was able to get to a Circuit classs on the Monday before they actually arrived and a Body Pump on Saturday morning after they had gone home.

We enjoyed a couple of really great days at the local pool when the weather was sunny and warm but cool, I was happy to let them play in the outdoor pool without getting scorched. That one is just about a metre in depth so we all went into the full size indoor one now and again so they could swim and dive in deeper water. The first time I took 3 of the others along as well who thought it cool their Grandma came in the water with them and played all the silly games kids do like swimming underneath and trying to lift them up and out of the water and didn't carry on when they 'bombed' and splashed them like their Mum and Dad do.

Little did they know I was getting exercise by being in the pool with them. :)

The other day slotted between those two was a sunny warm one that was forecast as hot and thats exactly how it turned out so it was the shopping then going to the cinema one.

They chose to see 'Flushed Away' and it wasn't too bad with lots of stereotypes in a rat world that adults could relate to living under the streets of London. Even I enjoyed it which was good as theres nothing worse than going to a kids movie thats really childish and awful. We did our usual supermarket shop before going and I felt the usual pangs of jealousy as they tucked into potato chips and lollies while I had my fruit and water.

Hasn't made much difference to the weight tho' and the clothes don't feel any looser but I'm sure it will drop down again with time.

I am beginning to wonder about the scales at the Leisure Centre, there is a chart on the wall stating they are tested regularly but I stepped on 3 times and got a different reading each time. I left them to settle after each weigh in and tried to stand in the same position and not move around, 2 very similar but one a whole 500 grams more.

Very offputting I can tell you. The ones we have at home weigh less than those but one day I'll weigh before leaving home and then go straight to the scales when I arrive and see what the actual difference is and then just work it out at home adding the difference on.

Went to the City yesterday on the train with Husband , Victorian Seniors get free public transport on Sundays so we've taken advantage of that several times and had some fabulous reasonably priced days out.

Theres a large Discount Book Warehouse up in Collingwood which sells everything at $4.99 and they had a load of titles down to $1.99 so we came home laden with reading matter. They obviously buy up remainders from the publishers, some have been hanging around for a while but most are quite recent releases still on sale in full price bookshops.

The first time we went I was quite cross to see childrens books there that I'd got for the kids for Christmas and paid full price for!!

Saw lots of Keep Fit books but decided I had enough at home to open my own bookshop :)

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Reassurance from unexpected places

Looking through some word docs I have saved over time I found this the other day - sorry I don't know where it came from but it made a lot to sense to me.

As long as you're taking consistent, positive action, you're making progress. At times, it may seem that you're going backwards.

At times, it will be frustrating when the results don't come as quickly as you had hoped. Still, you are making progress.

Achievement is a process, not a single event.

To achieve any goal, you must cover a lot of ground. You need to learn what works, and what does not work.

You must explore possibilities, many of which will not turn out to be feasible. Still, with every action you're making progress.

Even the setbacks are necessary stepping stones on the path to success. Keep up the good work. Keep up the effort. You're well on your way by now.

With every moment, you get closer. With every effort, you make progress, no matter what the short-term results. You've come a long way. Keep going!

Even tho’ I didn’t really achieve all that I wanted last year I now realise I am still moving on.

I have learn’t that the class situation is what makes me work at the gym – managed to get to 2 pump and one circuit class this past week and also walked on four mornings whereas I kept putting off going when I was left to my own devices.

Have grandchildren coming for a few days next week so I'll have to twist husbands arm to keep an eye on them so I can get my walks in. Maybe we'll swim a couple of times and that can be my exercise as well.

Monday, January 1, 2007

January 1st 2007 - New Years Day

After all the strange weather we have had recently today has been quite pleasant. To say Melbourne’s weather can be fickle is an understatement but it has been known to be changeable. The past month (December) showed how changeable it can be with days of extreme temperatures ranging from freezing with accompanying hail and snow to scorching hot with thunderstorms to follow.

It was so good to get the days of rain over Christmastime - not so happy with the cold days – coldest Christmas Day for many years, temp didn’t even reach 15c – but now we are reaping the benefit with the grass greening up and plants looking better than they have for a long time. Not sure that theres much moisture left in the ground but the mulch I put down the other day will be a lot of help in that regard.

Here we are at the beginning of a New Year and we are back to porridge or other good food and fruit for breakfast and a healthy lunch, instead of just grazing all day on anything that jumped out of the cupboard or fridge. All the nasty holiday stuff has been consumed – thank goodness – not all of it by me – thank goodness - and I am turning a blind eye to anything of the like that the supermarkets might be promoting because its summer time and they think we have to eat all that sort of stuff at bbq ‘s.

Last year I seemed to have been on the go most of the time and I feel I achieved most of the things I set out to achieve ‘cept of course getting to that 60kg mark. Having that long overseas trip and then the problem with my knee and also the sciatic nerve were all reasons why I fell short but also I think I really wasn’t dedicated to the cause.

In other words I stopped trying.

This is the time of the year when people make resolutions concerning loosing weight but I can’t do that (I loath failing, and saying I am going to do something like that will put the mockers on it for sure) but sometimes I think I might try hard to do something extra special.

Goal setting is good but for me they have to be realistic or as I said I get very depressed and find myself on the merry go round of eating less, not losing anything in the time I hoped I would, thinking why worry, eating again, and getting upset when the kilos come back on again.

This year 2007 I will try to: -

Exercise as much as possible – hopefully at least 5 times a week. I have reworked the distances of some of my local walks and will try to take some of the longer ones instead of the safe option of the ‘favourite’ slighter shorter ones.

Now I have realised I prefer the classes to the gym proper I will try to attend pump classes or circuit whenever possible bearing in mind I don’t do pump 2 days in row.

Learn to plan my meals so that they contain a healthy balance of ingredients served on a small plate and realising chocolate is not a banned substance but can be good for me now and again

Learn something new – a craft or a new skill. With all that was going on in 2006 I didn’t really have the time to do this.

I will try to make the most of an opportunity in March to meet new people and work together with them as a team. I will be doing some extra special volunteering again this year – the FINA world-swimming championships are being held in Melbourne and with the position I have been offered I will have the chance to meet a lot of the athletes and other members of the visiting international teams.

Must away, its nearly bedtime and I need my beauty sleep. Have been feeling much better recently – not sure if it’s the thyroxin medication kicking in or just me feeling better inside myself. I certainly have more energy than I've had for a long time and am sleeping much sounder as well.

Happy New Year everyone