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Friday, December 22, 2006

Coasting along

The past few days have been warm so on the days I didn't get out for a very early walk I went to the gym where it was cool to begin with but soon warmed up once I started walking on the treadmill. As well as the treadmill, I halfheartedly used the crosstrainer and rowing machine as well as a few bits of the other stuff but have now come to the conclusion I need the company of others - doing the same thing - to keep me motivated.

Recently I had thought not beng tied to a time slot and turning up at the gym when I felt the need was what I needed but I can admit to being wrong on that one.

This came home to me today - after a night when it didn't cool off much (warmest December night for many a year) it was very warm this morning - so I decided instead of pounding the pavement it was to be the gym again but as I arrived I noticed the circuit class was about to start and on a whim went there instead of down below.

I really worked hard during that hour; yes I know theres been reasons why I haven't gone full steam since we got home but today with all those problems behind me I was able to enjoy that feeling of being puffed and sweaty.

I know I didn't go as fast as some of the others during the floor work but I still ended up 'puffed and sweaty' like all the others and am now looking forward to going back to classes as regularly as I was doing during the first half of this year before we went overseas.

Yes, having all those other bodies around me this morning was what I needed - having an instructor egging us on and giving us support made me feel more enthusiastic than just working alone at a different machine with nobody making eye contact except when they wanted to use the same machine you happened to be at. Then often the eye contact would be a glare - and glares from some of the big hulks that go to that gym can be quite daunting - and when they go round in two's its even more daunting.

I really need to start again with purpose as after weighing my self this morning I wasn't happy with the knowledge I'd put some back on again. For me 66.1kg (145lbs - over 10st.)is not good and its going to need some hard work to get rid of those extra 6 or 7 kgs I am carrying around.

I tried on new bathers the other day and did not like what I saw in the full length mirror in the change room. Not going to describe it 'cept say I will now go back to walking alone and return to classes.

With our organised Family Christmas Gathering behind us I am not tied up with the last minute hurry scurry that others are, all the presents are wrapped and the interstate ones in the post . On Christmas Day Husband and I are going out to lunch with one family and then going to see another in the afternoon. Most certainly will speak to the family on the other side of town and the interstate one but won't get to see the other till Boxing Day as its the in-laws time this year. Anyway there'll be bags of time to see them all during the holidays and with cinemas, parks and two outdoor pools on our doorstep we'll all have fun fun fun if the weathers good for us - must remember to stock up on sunscreen for the slip slop slap days haead of us.

Hope the Christmas Season is filled with love and happiness for you all, so as the saying goes, Eat - Drink - and be Merry. and Enjoy the summer break.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Busy times

Well I'm here for a short while as time is precious at the moment.

No leg pain for awhile, had the phsio look at my knee and that has improved greatly. Have another appointment during the week for more treatment. Have done lots of walking on the cooler days - warm today so I was pleased when I got home. Not sure if its because I had a break or if I am generally unfit again but it has been a struggle to get back into the routine. It will come with time I suppose.

Family commitments over the weekend meant no exercise so now the Big Day in my house has been and gone I can get back to thinking about me again. All our Melbourne children and grandchildren came on Saturday for Grandma's Christmas party and we had a great time. Lots of food and drink and 'cose kids were involved lots of fun and laughter. I let them use the computer to see and talk via Messenger to their cousin in Brisbane and she was thrilled to see them on the screen. Its marvellous how we take all these things for granted these days that 10 years ago were things 'other' people had access to.

Well must away, Monday morning and lots to do. Oh I nearly forgot, have been diagnosed with having a low funtioning thyroid gland so that could explain all the symptoms I complain about. Hopefully the thyroxine I have to take will help and I'll be back to my normal self.