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Monday, November 20, 2006

The week came and the week went

The week came and the week went – first it was hot (and very humid) – then it was cold (freezing with snow nearby) – now it’s hot again. Yes its Melbourne weather we are on about.

Why can’t it just be a nice pleasant temp, say high 20’s and I’d even accept a bit of rain? Well to be truthful I’d accept a lot of rain but theres none to be had around the suburbs at the moment.

Last Saturday I toddled off to Ballarat on the train with several other Red Hatter friends to meet up with the Golden Girls and another chapter from Geelong. Surprisingly for Ballarat it was warm and sunny and we all had a fun time, got home feeling really weary but content after a day of meeting new friends (the Ballarat chapter had about 100 there and the girls from Geelong numbered about 20) as well as laughing at the most silly things.

We had lunch at a pub and after looking at the menu I ordered Quiche Lorraine with Salad.

When I ordered I did ask if I could have double salad and no chips and they said no which surprised me. So had to make do with a really stingy slice of the Quiche, a very small side salad and some soggy chips (which I didn’t eat). Left a bad taste in my mouth as it cost $12 – a rip off as far as I was concerned.

So as there was a free drink going with lunch I asked for Champers, which wasn’t actually on the list but I’d already had one and didn’t feel like mixing my drinks. Something was going my way ‘cos the waitress said yes. So after following it up with another (making 3 altogether) I felt quite good when I declined dessert.

Most likely all the calories contained in the champers equaled the calories in the cakes that were on the dessert menu but I know I wouldn’t have felt so good if I’d eaten the cake and not drunk the drinkiesJ)

You probably can’t make head or tail of what I’ve just written but never mind, just rest assured I slept well Saturday night:))

We took a drive to a café on the shores of Lake Wendourie and all I can say is – there is NO lake. All you can see from the shore is mud and more mud – they are on stage 4 water restrictions, which means they cannot use any water outside at all. I felt so sorry for them as their gardens are suffering so much and if they are unable to fit a recycling kit to their outside pipes from the bath/shower/washing machine they have to carry it through the house to the outside in a bucket.

If things get that bad in Melbourne I’m not looking forward to that one little bit. Last summer we did use the recycling kits that attached to the laundry pipes but someone (read DH) hasn’t got round to hooking them up again. Maybe I’d better go on a hunt in the garage to see if I can find them because there isn’t any rain forecast fro this week either.

I have walked this week and apart from the drinkies on Saturday have been really good with the food intact and the scales haven’t shown any loss – BUT – they haven’t shown a gain either.

So I am thankful for small mercies and will try harder next week.

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