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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Time goes by

Time has certainly gone by quickly over the past week or two so there have been very scanty updates and todays will be just the same.

All it takes is for a Mothers shifts to be awkward, a school that closes on a Monday - the day before Cup Day and fathers inability to take the Monday off to mean that Grandma is once again called upon to help.

Have been minding the 2 grandaughters from the other side of the city for a few days - that certainly cuts into spare moments.
I'd forgotten how long it can take for 11 year olds to take a bath/shower and choose clothes to wear and decide what to eat for breakfast.........................long enough to be almost lunchtime before we were ready to go out.

Add to that the messing around when 2 other grandaughters that live close by and were actually coming shopping with us arrived - it took a lot of patience on my part and a short sharp yell from Grandad to get them all into the car.

We took them home last night and instead of a walk this morning I spent almost an hour in the bath soothing my weary brow and deciding what I wanted to do with the day :))

I kept the appointment with the Gym Instructor last week and at the weigh in I recorded 65kgs on their scales which is a little more than ours at home but I'll try to stick to theirs for a regular figure. I think I mentioned once before they are 'tested' by the Weights and Measures people so should be accurate.

I seem to have lost a bit more since we came home so when I finally get into a 'proper' exercise routine that number should go down again.

For some reason today I am feeling a bit yuk but that could be to do with the hurry scurry week I've just had, if it carries on it looks like I'll have to sit and chat with the Dr again which I hate. I don't like it when I don't know the reasons for the way I feel and then feel like a hyperchondriac trying to explain what seem to be little symptoms but could possibly add up to something sinister.

Anyway, bye for now I'll be back another day when I have more time.


  1. Hi Cathy..I hope your feeling good again..and are getting plenty of "You" time!! Your last week sounded very busy. In answer to your questions on my blog..I am still going well at this end of the week. Still showing a loss, although I really have to be strong over the weekend. That's usually when I come undone and undo all the good I did that week. And book 5 is looking good, I am giving the food plan ago. Hope it helps me even more.

  2. oops sorry I put the username for my craft blog. lol I sometimes do it without thinking. will try again. hahahaha


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