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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Good and the Bad - moves, that is

Am feeling a lot better now as for the past couple of weeks I felt like I was falling apart.

I had the new exercise program worked out but have only been a couple of times as I am getting pain in a knee when I do squats and that seemed to put the mockers on anything else I tried to do.

Decided to clear some land moving backwards using a mattock so I could just to take the grass off the top and then cover with newspaper and mulch – Bad move on my part – results in aching back and shooting pains down the back of leg and less time at the gym.

The physio I saw last week said I had pulled a muscle and had worried the sciatic nerve and – get this – tells me as he’s putting me through torture with his fingers that at my age I really should be cautious about what I do in the garden – Bad move on his part.

I don’t seem to be getting the shooting pains down the leg as much as I did last week – Good move on physio’ s part to make me feel better.

Husband ‘playing’ with computer ‘stuffs’ it up – Bad move on husband’s part – can’t be used for days whilst he fixes it.

Computer is fixed – Good move – but husband continues hogging it whilst he downloads TV series – Another Really Bad move on husbands part. Means I can't get near it in case I mess something up.

Weight is the same – Good move on my part to say NO to some really nice goodies on offer at a function I went to

Now I am minus the shooting pains nipping the back of my leg I can walk without jumping up in the air every now and again – Good move on the physio ‘s part in making me comfortable again

I’m confident once I restart the daily regime I’ll be back to my cheerful self again.

Well I must get the knee sorted out first – forgot about that :))

Wonder how the Aussie Cricket team cope with all their aches and pains??

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  1. Hi Cathy :-) Thanks for your comment...have updated my blog now. Been awhile.lol I hope your knee is improving! Happy to hear the good moves. :-) And well, the bad we just have to work through don't we. :-) Hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas.


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