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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Change in the weather

Well you can’t say there is no variety in the weather here in Melbourne. According to the weather man, this time a month ago it was scorching outside – the temps were well above average for October – and now today, it has been freezing outside and the temps are well below the average for November

I copied this from ninemsn’s home page this evening: -

An unseasonal blast of Antarctic air plunged eastern Australia back into winter today, causing snow and hail and temperatures to plummet.
Snow fell as low as 500 metres in Victoria, with dumps in the Dandenong Ranges on Melbourne's fringe as well as the Alpine region in the state's northeast.

Now as I live right at the bottom of the Dandenong ranges I can assure you it wasn’t very warm in my backyard for all of the day. The heating is on and theres another doona lying across the bottom of the bed ready to be pulled up if it gets really cold overnight.

This past weekend was very hot and humid and then the storm and all the trimmings arrived which was a bit inconvenient as I wanted to do a lot of gardening but I wasn’t that upset as lots of the much needed rain came with it. The garden looks so much happier after the soaking it got. Then even tho we were warned yesterday things went sort of skew whiff today and the above greeted us this morning.

I have been good with my walks and even got to the gym a couple of times to put my new program into action – good fun and if I can remember which piece of equipment is which will be even more fun:) - and even tho I feel weather shouldn’t come into it as far as exercise is concerned (the heat doesn’t bother me), this morning I decided against a walk in the pouring rain with the temp at 5c and after being out for the best part of the day decided I preferred the nice cozy lounge room to trying to dodge the pouring rain and get across the car park and into the gym in the bitter cold wind.

Am I committed? Yes but on my terms – I’ve come to the conclusion that feeling I have to do something when my hearts not in it doesn’t do anything for me and that’s when I give up.

I declined the cakes and chocolate at the meeting I went to today so I have no feeling of guilt at not exercising today.

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