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Saturday, November 4, 2006

Baby its cold outside

I tried to post this last Sunday but Blogger wasn't working right so here it is again. since then we have had lots of lovely rain here in Melbourne and also some lovely sunny days. The garden said thank you very much and is looking much better.

Sunday October 29th 2006

It was so funny yesterday morning, Saturday - there was these trademan on the roof installing an eveaporative cooling sytem and the radio was talking of snow in the nearby hills. It has been Cold since Friday lunchtime and still hasn't warmed up again past 15c so I am back to dressing in comfy tracky dacks and windcheaters.

The weather man said this spat of unusually cold temps for October are courtesy of southerly winds and other stuff coming up from the Antactic. Once the house was my own and I could close the doors the heating went on and although I didn't like them to begin with I must say the Bistro blinds on the back deck have made such a difference to days like that. We managed to sit there for a quick coffee break mid afternoon and the sun on the roof and the blinds took the chill off and made it reasonably pleasant.

I felt like I needed comfort food for Dinner so used a lamb joint and had roast tatties as well. We had steamed veggies with it so it wasn't too naughty and then followed up with stewed apples and yogurt.

Today the action will take place in the garden, theres a great deal of weeding and cutting back that needs to be done and as its bin day tomorrow I can fill the monster and get rid of the weeds that aren't to go into the compost. I found a lot of snails on the long leaves of the Agapanthus that will enjoy their ride in the big truck to their new home at the tip. We had a few showers of rain on Thursday and it seemed to bring everyone of them out into the open and made them easy to spot so into the bin they went. There must have been a lot of hankey pankey going on earlier in the year as there were oodles of the tiniest snails I have ever seen as well as enormous huge grandaddy ones.

Must go now, will try to get a walk in later but I'm a bit sleepy.

The loss of an hours sleep doesn't sit well with me - I suppose I could have stayed in bed to make up for it for I was wide away at the usual time and just got up.

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