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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Good and the Bad - moves, that is

Am feeling a lot better now as for the past couple of weeks I felt like I was falling apart.

I had the new exercise program worked out but have only been a couple of times as I am getting pain in a knee when I do squats and that seemed to put the mockers on anything else I tried to do.

Decided to clear some land moving backwards using a mattock so I could just to take the grass off the top and then cover with newspaper and mulch – Bad move on my part – results in aching back and shooting pains down the back of leg and less time at the gym.

The physio I saw last week said I had pulled a muscle and had worried the sciatic nerve and – get this – tells me as he’s putting me through torture with his fingers that at my age I really should be cautious about what I do in the garden – Bad move on his part.

I don’t seem to be getting the shooting pains down the leg as much as I did last week – Good move on physio’ s part to make me feel better.

Husband ‘playing’ with computer ‘stuffs’ it up – Bad move on husband’s part – can’t be used for days whilst he fixes it.

Computer is fixed – Good move – but husband continues hogging it whilst he downloads TV series – Another Really Bad move on husbands part. Means I can't get near it in case I mess something up.

Weight is the same – Good move on my part to say NO to some really nice goodies on offer at a function I went to

Now I am minus the shooting pains nipping the back of my leg I can walk without jumping up in the air every now and again – Good move on the physio ‘s part in making me comfortable again

I’m confident once I restart the daily regime I’ll be back to my cheerful self again.

Well I must get the knee sorted out first – forgot about that :))

Wonder how the Aussie Cricket team cope with all their aches and pains??

Monday, November 20, 2006

The week came and the week went

The week came and the week went – first it was hot (and very humid) – then it was cold (freezing with snow nearby) – now it’s hot again. Yes its Melbourne weather we are on about.

Why can’t it just be a nice pleasant temp, say high 20’s and I’d even accept a bit of rain? Well to be truthful I’d accept a lot of rain but theres none to be had around the suburbs at the moment.

Last Saturday I toddled off to Ballarat on the train with several other Red Hatter friends to meet up with the Golden Girls and another chapter from Geelong. Surprisingly for Ballarat it was warm and sunny and we all had a fun time, got home feeling really weary but content after a day of meeting new friends (the Ballarat chapter had about 100 there and the girls from Geelong numbered about 20) as well as laughing at the most silly things.

We had lunch at a pub and after looking at the menu I ordered Quiche Lorraine with Salad.

When I ordered I did ask if I could have double salad and no chips and they said no which surprised me. So had to make do with a really stingy slice of the Quiche, a very small side salad and some soggy chips (which I didn’t eat). Left a bad taste in my mouth as it cost $12 – a rip off as far as I was concerned.

So as there was a free drink going with lunch I asked for Champers, which wasn’t actually on the list but I’d already had one and didn’t feel like mixing my drinks. Something was going my way ‘cos the waitress said yes. So after following it up with another (making 3 altogether) I felt quite good when I declined dessert.

Most likely all the calories contained in the champers equaled the calories in the cakes that were on the dessert menu but I know I wouldn’t have felt so good if I’d eaten the cake and not drunk the drinkiesJ)

You probably can’t make head or tail of what I’ve just written but never mind, just rest assured I slept well Saturday night:))

We took a drive to a cafĂ© on the shores of Lake Wendourie and all I can say is – there is NO lake. All you can see from the shore is mud and more mud – they are on stage 4 water restrictions, which means they cannot use any water outside at all. I felt so sorry for them as their gardens are suffering so much and if they are unable to fit a recycling kit to their outside pipes from the bath/shower/washing machine they have to carry it through the house to the outside in a bucket.

If things get that bad in Melbourne I’m not looking forward to that one little bit. Last summer we did use the recycling kits that attached to the laundry pipes but someone (read DH) hasn’t got round to hooking them up again. Maybe I’d better go on a hunt in the garage to see if I can find them because there isn’t any rain forecast fro this week either.

I have walked this week and apart from the drinkies on Saturday have been really good with the food intact and the scales haven’t shown any loss – BUT – they haven’t shown a gain either.

So I am thankful for small mercies and will try harder next week.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Change in the weather

Well you can’t say there is no variety in the weather here in Melbourne. According to the weather man, this time a month ago it was scorching outside – the temps were well above average for October – and now today, it has been freezing outside and the temps are well below the average for November

I copied this from ninemsn’s home page this evening: -

An unseasonal blast of Antarctic air plunged eastern Australia back into winter today, causing snow and hail and temperatures to plummet.
Snow fell as low as 500 metres in Victoria, with dumps in the Dandenong Ranges on Melbourne's fringe as well as the Alpine region in the state's northeast.

Now as I live right at the bottom of the Dandenong ranges I can assure you it wasn’t very warm in my backyard for all of the day. The heating is on and theres another doona lying across the bottom of the bed ready to be pulled up if it gets really cold overnight.

This past weekend was very hot and humid and then the storm and all the trimmings arrived which was a bit inconvenient as I wanted to do a lot of gardening but I wasn’t that upset as lots of the much needed rain came with it. The garden looks so much happier after the soaking it got. Then even tho we were warned yesterday things went sort of skew whiff today and the above greeted us this morning.

I have been good with my walks and even got to the gym a couple of times to put my new program into action – good fun and if I can remember which piece of equipment is which will be even more fun:) - and even tho I feel weather shouldn’t come into it as far as exercise is concerned (the heat doesn’t bother me), this morning I decided against a walk in the pouring rain with the temp at 5c and after being out for the best part of the day decided I preferred the nice cozy lounge room to trying to dodge the pouring rain and get across the car park and into the gym in the bitter cold wind.

Am I committed? Yes but on my terms – I’ve come to the conclusion that feeling I have to do something when my hearts not in it doesn’t do anything for me and that’s when I give up.

I declined the cakes and chocolate at the meeting I went to today so I have no feeling of guilt at not exercising today.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Time goes by

Time has certainly gone by quickly over the past week or two so there have been very scanty updates and todays will be just the same.

All it takes is for a Mothers shifts to be awkward, a school that closes on a Monday - the day before Cup Day and fathers inability to take the Monday off to mean that Grandma is once again called upon to help.

Have been minding the 2 grandaughters from the other side of the city for a few days - that certainly cuts into spare moments.
I'd forgotten how long it can take for 11 year olds to take a bath/shower and choose clothes to wear and decide what to eat for breakfast.........................long enough to be almost lunchtime before we were ready to go out.

Add to that the messing around when 2 other grandaughters that live close by and were actually coming shopping with us arrived - it took a lot of patience on my part and a short sharp yell from Grandad to get them all into the car.

We took them home last night and instead of a walk this morning I spent almost an hour in the bath soothing my weary brow and deciding what I wanted to do with the day :))

I kept the appointment with the Gym Instructor last week and at the weigh in I recorded 65kgs on their scales which is a little more than ours at home but I'll try to stick to theirs for a regular figure. I think I mentioned once before they are 'tested' by the Weights and Measures people so should be accurate.

I seem to have lost a bit more since we came home so when I finally get into a 'proper' exercise routine that number should go down again.

For some reason today I am feeling a bit yuk but that could be to do with the hurry scurry week I've just had, if it carries on it looks like I'll have to sit and chat with the Dr again which I hate. I don't like it when I don't know the reasons for the way I feel and then feel like a hyperchondriac trying to explain what seem to be little symptoms but could possibly add up to something sinister.

Anyway, bye for now I'll be back another day when I have more time.

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Baby its cold outside

I tried to post this last Sunday but Blogger wasn't working right so here it is again. since then we have had lots of lovely rain here in Melbourne and also some lovely sunny days. The garden said thank you very much and is looking much better.

Sunday October 29th 2006

It was so funny yesterday morning, Saturday - there was these trademan on the roof installing an eveaporative cooling sytem and the radio was talking of snow in the nearby hills. It has been Cold since Friday lunchtime and still hasn't warmed up again past 15c so I am back to dressing in comfy tracky dacks and windcheaters.

The weather man said this spat of unusually cold temps for October are courtesy of southerly winds and other stuff coming up from the Antactic. Once the house was my own and I could close the doors the heating went on and although I didn't like them to begin with I must say the Bistro blinds on the back deck have made such a difference to days like that. We managed to sit there for a quick coffee break mid afternoon and the sun on the roof and the blinds took the chill off and made it reasonably pleasant.

I felt like I needed comfort food for Dinner so used a lamb joint and had roast tatties as well. We had steamed veggies with it so it wasn't too naughty and then followed up with stewed apples and yogurt.

Today the action will take place in the garden, theres a great deal of weeding and cutting back that needs to be done and as its bin day tomorrow I can fill the monster and get rid of the weeds that aren't to go into the compost. I found a lot of snails on the long leaves of the Agapanthus that will enjoy their ride in the big truck to their new home at the tip. We had a few showers of rain on Thursday and it seemed to bring everyone of them out into the open and made them easy to spot so into the bin they went. There must have been a lot of hankey pankey going on earlier in the year as there were oodles of the tiniest snails I have ever seen as well as enormous huge grandaddy ones.

Must go now, will try to get a walk in later but I'm a bit sleepy.

The loss of an hours sleep doesn't sit well with me - I suppose I could have stayed in bed to make up for it for I was wide away at the usual time and just got up.