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Friday, October 20, 2006

Where have you been all the day

It’s been a few days since I last wrote anything, have felt a bit off and also haven’t done any real exercise either. This past week sort of came and went by quickly and there were things to be done that meant I didn’t have the time to do it…. exercising that is. Now that’s a pathetic excuse isn’t it – I wake at about 6.15am, the air (and unfortunately the ground also) is dry and not too cool and I say there isn’t time to even do a half hour walk.

We had contractors coming to quote on air-conditioning and even tho there were agreed times I could never be sure they would keep to their word and show up then or half an hour earlier. That’s all sorted now, we’ve chosen the quote we like which means we’ll be a bit poorer in a few weeks when its installed but those early hot days we had a couple of weeks ago helped me decide we needed to cool the house more economically than with the electric aircon in the wall which costs a fortune when we use it; it’s not coming out but will stay there and can be used on the humid days when the evap system won’t have any effect. Must be getting old as I felt washed out and yet it had been quite hot most of the time during our travels and it never bothered me at all.

I suppose I will get back to it when the timing is right. Exercise that is!!

I said the ground is dry in the mornings but at lunchtime today we had a big surprise – it rained.

Yes, wet stuff fell from the sky – not for long tho’ – it cleared up in the early afternoon but the temps dropped enough to turn the heating on when I got home and made me wonder what we could have for dinner that was warm. I had planned cold chicken and salad but that didn’t seem comforting enough so we had some soup I found lurking in the freezer. I was a bit worried it might be near its use be date as it was frozen before we went away in July but so far no ill effects.

If it stays this cold – and by the look of the weather forecast it’s a possibility for the next few days I’ll need to put some covers back on the bed. Its only October but getting sunburnt one week and having to be wrapped up in thick clothing the next is not my idea of fun:)

But then we have to remember this is spring, we are in Melbourne and anything can happen. Footy has finished, cricket has begun. The Spring Race Carnival is now in full swing, Caulfield Cup tomorrow, Melbourne Cup is on the first Tuesday in November with Oaks (Ladies) Day in the same week so there are lots of pretty hats and frocks in the shops and even tho’ I’m a tad overweight I really have nothing to moan about.

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