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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Walking again

Ok……… I now have the head screwed on right and for the past 3 days have taken my walk in the morning. Early morning that is – between 7 and 8am to be precise. Daylight at 6am means I'm wide awake and raring to go so off I have been going.

I have come to the conclusion (once again) - and it’s the same reasoning for a lot of things I do or rather don’t do - that if I don’t do it once I think about it I don’t seem to do it at all.

I can make lists and commit myself to doing most of the items on the list but to think about something means it gets lost somewhere in the depths of my brain. Not sure if its just aging but I seem to notice it more and more these days.

The new air conditioning system goes in on Saturday morning, so I can cross that off my list of things to do to the house. Haven’t needed it this week as it’s varied from t-shirt and cotton trousers weather to fleecy clothing, heater on and hot water bottle in the bed at night. Beautiful sunny day today, top of about 17c but its going down to 3c overnight and hopefully some rain tomorrow.

Haven’t been to any classes at the Gym but I did pop in and make an appointment for Monday to see one of the Instructors to work out a new programme for me. I am hoping to be able to drop in when the mood strikes me or on the way home if I’ve been out and not have to wait till a class time. The classes have been great for the past year but I think at the moment I need something different and exercise in any form will be good for me – both for my body and my mind. Getting back out in the fresh air this week has been good, I feel less stressed and able to think more clearly.

Well that’s the thought. ……I’ll give the gym a go and see how I go from there. I have lost a kilo and a bit since we came home so it probably was all those cakes and pastries and stodgy meals I ate overseas that did the damage.

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