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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

On the road again - to a new me - that is

Mid afternoon and the weatherman was right, he said it would be a glorious day today here in Melbourne and yes that’s the way it has been.

After a week or more of trying to sort my life out and think about the lead up to Christmas I finally got back to the gym. It was funny walking into the Leisure Centre after being away for nearly 3 months – not much had changed thank goodness, picked up a new timetable and noticed there are some pump classes at better (for me) times so may be able to rearrange or rethink the times I go to them. My first class went well tho’ I did have to drop the bar weights a fraction, or should I say quite a lot.

Have thought maybe from now on I will go into the gym proper more frequently but before that happens I will need a session with the instructors to get a programme worked out for what I'm hoping to achieve – unfortunately those trim taut and terrific bodies just don’t happen. Have to put in some work somewhere along the way.

Will also try to do something different from the list of goodies they are offering, maybe something along the lines of Pilates or Body Balance or even my long time favourite that I haven’t practiced for years - Yoga. Don’t think I’ll fit into my old black leotard!! Gosh when I think back to how I donned that each morning and felt so good doing the Salute to the Sun and then all those Hatha poses.

Anyway just thought I’d let you know I am back and have started in a good frame of mind……………well. ………………Until we get the first 30c day and I have planned a long walk.

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