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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Back to the business of Keeping Fit

Had my first trip round the block this morning. Going to be 31c today so decided it had to be done early or not at all so hopped out of bed before 7 and was out and about soon after.

Took my ‘usual’ route and noticed how different the gardens looked since the last time, bursting with colour now spring is here. I can’t remember the actual distance (about 3kms if I am right) but it takes me about half an hour and as Husband will often ask which way today (says he worries but I think its to keep tabs on where I am!) that’s my answer.

I say its my ‘usual’ way (have more than 1) around an area that has lots of ways to get there and back but its probably the most direct and I can tell him which streets he can drive round when I don’t get back within the allocated time J to see if anyone has done away with me or if I found someone to chat to. He’s never done it yet and I don’t know if I’d be pleased or annoyed if he did but enough of that.

While we were on the Cruise ship we did lots of walking round the decks (beautiful Teak ones they were as well)

Big ship it was – there was a very nice little sign on either side of the ship saying 3 laps was equal to about 1 mile so I tried to do at least 6 times round in the mornings at a reasonable pace and then some more over the day plus moving about inside which meant I was getting a fair bit of exercise each day. With all the food available I certainly needed it!!

One day there was a special event – called On Deck for the Cure it was a recognised walk to raise funds for Breast Cancer research. Wearing special printed T-shirts and Pink Armbands with Pink Lemonade for refreshment being served at spots along the way quite a few of us set out to walk the 9 laps – approx 5 kms.

It was fun and like Felicity at the end of her duathlons I really felt a sense of achievement at the end whilst wandering around cooling down and enjoying my hot chocolate.

Well we were in Alaska and it was cold and whats a girl to do if a really nice steward comes round with a tray and asks if you would like something to warm you up:))

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  1. Hi Cathy, good to see your getting back into it. :)


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