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Friday, August 4, 2006

Try again

Well we have been here over a week and today the glorious weather has disappeared.

After a week of late nights and lots of - dare I say it - partaking in large meals and bottles of wine as well I said goodbye to my sisters and brother on Friday. It was sad as I don't know the next time we will be able to come again so we did lots of walks and girly things and visited Chatsworth House and the Derbyshire Dales as had good fun. Went to Mablethorpe and laughed at the donkeys giving kids rides on the beach. That is one thing I loved as a child when we went to the seaside - icecream cones and a ride on the donkeys.

Made our way to Banbury (didn't ride a white horse tho) and Husband had his reunion with Airforce friends from years ago. Yes true to form with these occassions they were 65 year olds being 15 again but it was a great time with lots of laughs and walks down memory lane. The hotel we were all in was built in 1600s and had narrow corridors and tiny rooms and old fashioned service. One of the waiters kept saying 'You are so kind' as he moved round the table serving each of us - it was quaint and lovable at the same time. Fabulous food and great wine.....I weighed myself ..................lets just say its a good job I lost some before we got on the plane.

Visited another friend over the weekend and was so relieved to see lettuce and salady things on the table. Went walking in some woods close to her house and had lunch on Monday at an old pub near a canal. Lots of narrow boats coming and going and there were working locks close by so took loads of photos as they emptied and the boats dropped down a level. One was named the same as a grandaughter so took especially nice ones of it.

Here we are now in Colchester - Husbands home town. Staying with his sister so he'll be out and about trying to catch up with whoever he can from years ago. Beth Chattos garden is close by so thats going to be my treat this week. She specialises in growing 'plants for dry gardens' so it will usefull for when I get home and summer is getting nearer. Not like summer today tho' grey skies and 15c - almost like being at home. Had to put jeans and a long sleeved tshirt on as I felt cold.

Bye for now

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