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Saturday, August 5, 2006

No you weren't seeing things....................I had to republish the last entry as it wasn't showing up. Then when I wwent back today there it was.

Anyway have had a good few days taking in things around town. doing the ancestor trail and located Husbands Grandfather's grave site so will be back at the cemetery again when we recieve info from some rellies.
Went to see some of my rellies today, my mother and his were cousins, he has done some work on the family tree and gave me a copy. Have to do some work for him when we get home to Aus. That will keep me very busy for a while.

Going to Lowestoft in the morning, east coast fishing place, hope the weather is good. East coast is the North Sea and it gets very windy there.

See you again

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  1. Sounds like your having a wonderful time Cathy!! :) I've enjoyed reading about your holiday so far. :)


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