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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Here we are again

Its Thursday August 17th and one week ago we were in Heathrow airport in the midst of all the chaos that took place there. If we had flown out on our original date we possibly would have been stranded for days, thank you to whoever planned the wedding for Friday.

It was an experience I haven't had before, walking around an airport with armed police and waiting in a queue for hours and then joining another for hours so that by the time we actually got airside we were exhausted. Thankfully our flight to Halifax was only delayed by a couple of hours but as I said if we were to fly out on our original date (Friday ) we might have been stranded for a couple of days.

Anyway has been good to see Husbands extended family again and walk down streets that are similar width to ours and not be as cramped as where ever we went in England. The weather has been mixed - sunny and warm some days and grey and misty on other. Thats the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia for you - never know quite is round the corner as the weather man may say one thing but what actually ahppens could be quite different. lol Almost like Melbourne.

Haven't done a lot in this first week 'cept go to a wedding on a cliff top with what seemed like a gale blowing and the ocean down below pounding away, catch up with all the cousins, hear what has been going on in their lives, cuddle new babies and talk to our dear friend who will be 100 in November. That was a teary meeting as once it sank in who we were she was so happy to see us and then two minutes later had forgotten who we were. Sad to think we most likely won't see her again after we go home.

But enough of that we have eaten lots of food as usual, taken lots of long walks on the sunny days and sat watching tv that we hadn't seen before. Just the usual stuff one does on holiday.

We are going to Prince Edward Island next week - thats where Anne of Green Gables was written. rain is forecast so hopefully it will have been and gone. Then laterwill be going to Cape Breton to drive round the fabulous Cabot Trail.

Will talk again some time.

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