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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Not a happy camper this evening

My cats have gone to the cattery and its strange not to have at least one of them next to me whilst I type.

And I am sitting here sniffing and snuffling, unable to breathe and feel as tho’ theres a sore throat coming on

The idea was it that by putting them in today it would give me all day tomorrow to concentrate on the important things (like packing my case) and not have to drive up the hill with them thinking about all the things I had to do. I could do with at least one here to stroke and make me feel good. Burmese have the most beautiful fur - so soft and silky and just to feel how smooth it is is a comfort in itself.

All this 2 nights before I fly out of Melbourne for Heathrow via Singapore.

8 hours from here to Singers and then 13 to London and feeling like sh…… is not my idea of fun.

Had a cold one time in Vancouver and flying home was hell, had to show the Pharmacist my ticket to prove why I needed Sudafed to unstuff my nose and let me breathe.

Guess I’ll be down to our local chemist in the morning to go through the same routine as the Sudafed are behind the counter here now as well.

Talk to you tomorrow if I get a chance but will try to update occasionally during the trip.

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