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Monday, July 3, 2006

Days come and days go

Husband and I have not been sleeping too well recently and have put it down to the bedroom window not being open at night. Normally we would have it open day and night even just a little crack but when the colder weather arrived it was closed during the day as me being tightfisted with money was loath to lose all the heat from the house. Then it got so cold overnight about a month ago I left it closed and it hasn’t been opened since. Last night we decided, as the forecast wasn’t that bad we’d open it again – hey presto – both of us slept like logs and feel so much better as well. Forecast for tonight is single digits but I am going to have it open again and put a single doona on top of our feet and see how we go. Life is so much better when I don’t feel tired and sluggish and I think that’s also one of the reasons I am loath to exercise some days.

I have been racking my brains trying to think what to take as small gifts for all the friends and rellies we will be staying with o/seas – I like to take something I have made / crafted myself and usually by this time they are all done and in a box ready to put in the case. Not so this year as it was becoming a problem, I couldn’t even see anything small I liked enough to buy as a last resort. However inspiration struck yesterday morning – a few years ago I made gifts from beads. I had made Thong bookmarks and Christmas Angel tree decorations and still had quite a few of the beads left so as they are very small, don't take long to make, are easy to pack and carry, that’s what will be taken as gifts. All the rellies in Canada are crafty people who enter their equivalent of the Melbourne Show so will appreciate them and most likely will ask for the directions. Hope the English ones enjoy them.

I did make it to a circuit class on Saturday morning and as they say ‘worked my a…off’. I gave it all I could, taking part in the aerobic part and also worked hard in the machine element of the class. As well as being drenched when the class finished I had a sore bum from the bike – get one every time I use them but they are good to get the heart rate up. So I hobbled indoors sticky and ran a bath instead of a shower so I could relax, wanted to finish some knitting during the afternoon and that meant I would be sitting and I really wanted to be comfortable. No walk yesterday but told myself I had to have a rest (recovery) day and that I did have other things to do and not to feel guilty.

Pump class this evening was packed, all the young things turn up from work and I must be the oldest one there but it makes no difference as once the music starts its just lift and go. Kept those higher weights on and it was a bit easier – bet I feel it in the morning:))

Must go, its time for bed again.

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