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Saturday, July 8, 2006

Another quiet week

This week the days seemed to have passed quickly so this is the first time I’ve been able to get time to come and chat.

I am trying to tie up a lot of loose ends before we go away so didn’t get too many morning walks in but did manage a couple of quick afternoon dashes round the block so I wouldn’t feel guilty.

Thursday saw me at an early evening pump class with my ‘favourite’ instructor who just ‘makes’ the class with her encouragement and enthusiasm and this morning she made my day by taking the circuit class I went to. Today she wanted to do Interval Work and and part of the time she had us all pedalling like crazy for a couple of mins and then slowing off a bit. God it was hard on my knees so I moved on to some of the other equipment for part of the time and did floor work and then came back to the bike every now and again. Was glad when those 20 mins were over, good for the heart but it would kill me if it was part of a training regime I had to follow. I left exhausted but feeling good :)

I also weighed myself in the gym this morning and was pleased to see I had managed to drop by 100grams. That’s great as I haven’t been that good with the food choices this week and going by the above record haven’t been at my most active this week either.

Husband and I went to the Museum in the city the other day to look at the Comm. Games Exhibition. They have loads of ‘props’ from the Opening Ceremony on show and as I was ‘on duty’ that evening didn’t even get to see it on TV so was eager to see close up what I'd missed. The big flying tram is there and loads of other stuff so it was an interesting afternoon.

Lots of people hate it but I love going to ‘up to town’ as my Mother used to say especially on the train. I get caught up in the hurly burly and love that busy busy feel in the air. Leaving before 4pm meant we were able to get a seat, which was good as our stop is almost at the end of the line and it’s a long way if you have to stand all the way home.

We have continued to leave the bedroom window open and it seems to have worked a treat and we are back to our usual sleep pattern. There haven’t been any really cold nights this week, no 1/2cs but up at 8/9c which has been good as I think it would be closed quick smart if that happened again.J Having a good nights sleep means I feel well in myself and have the energy to get on with the busy life I lead sometimes

Any spare time I had this week I busied myself with the crafty things to take for rellies and friends; got really engrossed and popped down to the ‘bead shop’ which is also full of other goodies and came home heavily laden and lighter in the pocket. When I visit Theo’s in Bayswater I never say how long I’ll be as looking at all his stock takes for ages and my mind goes round in circles thinking about other possibilities like making a few extra bookmarks for Christmas time - we are giving books to some of the grandchildren and they will be good stocking fillers and will have a similar theme as the books. So the girl who is getting fairy books will have one with a fairy on the end and so on which meant I spent more time looking for other sorts of beads and other things in his Aladdin’s Cave.

Going out to Lunch tomorrow for a Christmas in July so will have to look long and hard at the menu also have a word with the staff before ordering. Is Christmas Pud allowed:))

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  1. Enjoy your trip Cathy. :) Will be thinking of you!!


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