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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Am enjoying the heat

Well I am slowing getting used to the heat here in England – eat your heart out Melbourne.

Was –1 with a frost the day we flew out of Tullamarine so to begin with it seemed very hot for here (high 20’s and more) unfortunately its humid as well so its quite draining. They are all complaining and things are breaking down.

Anyway have eaten semi properly and walked each day so don’t feel too bad about the slices of the one thing I go gaga about each time we come over here and that’s Malt Loaf. Hard to describe, a bit like a fruit loaf but sticky and delicious with butter.

In the 30 odd years of being in Aus I’ve never found it on sale anywhere so its my one treat – husband goes for a bread pudding they sell in his home town so he never complains about my weakness J )

Can’t stay long, sister is on dial up so will talk again soon

Oh did I tell you its HOT over here.

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