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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Where does the time go

Well all I can say is I have been doing things and haven't had time to come here.

One very cold grey week came and went and I don't even remember how it was filled but filled it was - I did get to the gym and even tho' my fingers and feet froze I made a point of walking on several days. I weighed myself that week at the gym and was pleased to see I am nearly at 60kg. I do have scales at home - 3 sets in fact - but they all give a different reading and entirely different to the one at the gym. I always think of the gym ones as official because they are tested every now and again and have the verification form on the wall.

The gym takes the outlook that you shouldn't be concerned with your weight and that how your clothes feel should be the deciding factor on how fit (fat) you are so the scales were tucked away behind the closed door of the assessment room along with the stress bike and blood pressure machine so when I felt the need to have a 'proper' reading I had to ask one of the attendants to open the door for me and sometimes had to listen to the speil about clothes and healthy food intake being more important than weight. However the scales have recently been placed out in a corner of the gym and it is so much easier just to take off my runners and step on when I want to without the earbash.

For some reason I haven't been weighing myself anywhere as much as I used to, my clothes are now fitting better and I feel lighter so maybe I have been less stressed about it. I still want to try and lose a bit more in the next few weeks before we go away as exercise is going to be difficult. I know I'll be able to get a walk in most days especially when we are staying with family or friends but gym or weight work will be awkward so the more I lose now the better. Looking at the web site for the cruise ship shows they have a gym so if I am able I'll try to get some time in there - most likely will need it to work off all the food they have tho' I did see there are low fat options available.

Last week was slow because school hols si a problem for one of our children and means we agree to have the 2 grandchildren from the other side of town for the best part of a week and the mother takes the other one off. No time for the gym (no creche there either but then they are too old if there was) and walking is a problem as Husband baulks sometimes at looking after the 2 of them so I just had to watch my food intake and not go stupid. That statement is easier said than done - we went to see Cars and I love to eat chips and lollies at the cinema so I had popcorn and mandarin oranges but its not the same. Felt a bit sad and left out but enjoyed it all the same. Same with the ice cream for dessert, I thought we'll have it with tinned fruit (in juice not syrup!!) and I'll have low fat yogurt so the effect won't be so great.

I had agreed to have a g/daughter on Thursday and as that was the day the other 2 weere going home we did something similar to the day at the zoo in the summer, we all went to the Aquarium for the day. After parking at the Casino ( $2 all day parking this month) we walked over the little bridge right to the door and had a fabulous day. Saved more cash on the admission prices with some 2 for one vouchers and treated them to an ice cream at a very inflated price. I took some snacks for them and let them have Maccas before heading home about 5pm.

So now its on to new week, walked midmorning today and came home feeling refreshed and hoping to extend the distance a bit. Feel better in myself, we had one of beautuful Burmese cats go walkabout for a couple of days and that knocked the stuffing out of me. He just vanished and wa s away for 2 nights and then at 8.30 this morning walked in the door. Was very hungry but didn't look as tho he'd got wet - poured during those nights and my heart was so sad all the time not knowing what was going on. I walked the streets Friday afternoon and right up to 9pm then again yesterday and went to bed feeling emotionally driained but still hoping he was ok. As soon as he walked in the door I behaved just like he was a child - 'Where do you think you've been, don't you realise how worried we'd been!! He has been very affectionate and has slept most of the day snuggled with his Brown mate. We'll never know where he went to, possibly he was locked in someones garage or shed but all the neighbours looked for us but he's safe and thats ll that matters.

On that note I'll say Goodnight

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