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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Walking clears the mind

I'm back to my old tricks of thinking whilst walking. With the clear mornings back again and not the grey misty ones of the past week or two its been a pleasure to be out of the house and on the move.

Have been trying to work out how many pump classes or trips to the gym I can make before we go away in 3 weeks time. So many variables in that time, shopping, cleaning each room thoroughly as the house will be empty for a while and no matter where we go or how long we are away (days or weeks ) I hate coming home to an untidy place.

This time it means the fridge will be cleared out and cleaned, as much frozen stuff used up and beds changed the day before we go, dishes will be done and put away the day we go and I will get one of the girls to do any laundry in the basket. Oh and there'll be the hairdressers to fit as well as my normal day to day commitments. And of course getting clothes washed and ready for packing - choosing what to take is a chore I don't enjoy.

Again no matter where we go or for how long I usually end up overpacking and taking more than needed but I seem to have mastered the art of being within the 20kg limit and not having to pay for excess weight - after years of travelling I know I'm the one who will have to lug it so it never seems to bother me as much as it bothers Husband. I don't know why he complains so much:)

Today it didn't feel cold when I got up so I was out of the house early (just after 8am) and really enjoyed my half hour tour of the neighbourhood. Most of the leaves are off the deciduous trees now so theres a mysterious look about the gardens and its fun to see the birds sitting on bare branches surveying the land below.

There seemed to be oodles of Magpies around the local area today all foraging away in the ground and hardly giving me a glance at all as I walked past at a brisk pace. Its surprising how good I feel if I see any birds around the place - the other day I saw loads of Cockies and Galahs as well as Rosellas and I came home feeling very content.
Was out in the garden after dark the other evening and saw a funny sight - that of a couple of possums roaming around next doors very naked Oak tree. Normally the only way I know they are there is by the movement of the leaves and branches, oh and the grunting and hissing as they bicker at each other all night long but there they were out and about with no protection whatsoever. I was under the impression they sort of hibernated during the winter but ours obviously don't, well at least they aren't this winter.
Some people say they are a nuiscance but they don't bother me 'cept when they fancy the nice new shoots on my rose bushes. I pruned them all the other day so once the weather starts to warm up they will start shooting again and the possums will think its Smorgasboard time and say 'How nice it is of me to add a plate for them as well' Various bulbs are starting to come up as well and as we are past the Winter Solstice now I swear its getting a bit lighter earlier in the morning already.

Being outside is a great stress reliever for me and thats why I get annoyed with myself if I don't make the effort to get a walk in as often as possible. I like nothing better when its windy to sit outside and watch the trees blowing about. Clouds facinate me as well but now Husband covered the deck its difficult to see all the sky without going right down into the garden.

I have taken a walk each day this week and managed a pump class Monday evening so if I fit in a couple more pump classes as well as more walks I will end the week feeling I back on track and really going in the right direction.

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