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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Queens Birthday Weekend

Well it’s been a while since I have been able to sit down and think about life, it seems to be that there are times when there aren’t enough hours in the day to achieve everything I planned to do and boy, that’s how it’s been recently.

So much to do at the moment, in just six weeks we will be flying off over the pond to see them there rellies and friends up at the other end of the world in England and Canada. As well as just visiting and catching up we’ll be at a wedding, a reunion and a 100th birthday, yes its all happening over there and after all that we are going on a cruise up to Alaska and then will relax on the warm beaches of Hawaii. Will be away for nearly 2 months this time so I have lots to do before we go mainly in the garden but there are other things to organise as well.

Have been trailing the shopping centres (lol - pretended I was walking the malls for the sport as it was so cold and miserable outside) looking for a few new bits and pieces to take with me. Last week Katie’s had a marvelous sale with 50% off all stock in the store, they had ¾ sleeved slash neck T’s for $9 and when I tried them on for once they looked really good so I went a little wild and picked up a few. Sometimes it can be cool in England and they will look good casual with cotton trousers in the daytime or dressed up with some beads and smart pants in the evening.

The main thing was everything I tried on looked more neat and tidy than it has for a long time so the weight loss is showing in that way, unfortunately they were what seemed like small fittings and as I still have a lot up top - not that much but enough to make a difference - had to get xlarge but they looked good and that’s all that matters.

Been very cold here and foggy as well, enough to have the heating going all day but every now and again we have a fabulous sunny and dry day which makes up for all that. It means I can get the washing dry outside and do a bit of gardening on those days and then withdraw indoors late in the afternoon to the warmth of the fire and an early dinner.

I will say however I’ve been very good with my exercise and have managed to get a walk in 5 days out of seven which has been really good for me as you’ll recall recently I was finding it hard to get out of the door. The frosty mornings are a shock to the system especially if I forget my gloves so am now wising up and preparing the night before so I don't annoy Husband rustling aroound the bedroom trying to find the hat and gloves, my ears and fingers do like to be warm but I can get along with not too much clothing. Don’t mean I walk in shorts and t-shirt but a t-shirt and very light windcheater along with track pants will be enough to see me through as well as my gloves and a light hat but then once the extremities are warm they quickly go into the pockets.

I’ve had a bit of a dickey knee so haven’t been to the gym for about a week, it first started hurting whilst I was doing some squats at pump and then was uncomfortable during the lunge track so I have given the classes a miss. Will try again next week maybe rubbing Tiger Balm in before I go but if theres anymore pain will get it checked out as the last thing I need right now is a gammy knee with all the walking we have planned to do overseas.

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  1. Hi Cathy :) I am feeling much better now, thanks for caring. Wow..Enjoy your trip won't you...that would be wonderful. Will you be able to update your blog while away on your holiday? Would love to see pictures as you go. :)


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