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Friday, June 30, 2006

Life is sweet

I have felt so fit over the past 2 days and I know its all to do with me consciously being active and aware of what of I have eaten and drunk.

I was out of bed early again yesterday and also today so managed to get out for my walk by 8am on both days. Chilly but not as uncomfortable as some mornings, I didn't need gloves so thats how mild it has been. Funny tho' an hour later on both mornings it felt much colder. Go figure!

It was a great feeling to be doing something as all the people fly by in their cars on the way to work. Oh I how remember those days, having a routine and being annoyed if something happened to upset that routine...................

- hang on tho -...................

I still feel that way if things happen and I can't get to the Leisure Centre for my pump classes :))

I really enjoyed the Pump class yesterday evening as its the one taken by that creative instructor I like so much. I even managed to put my weights up a bit, have been stuck on the same ones for a while and took up her challenge to raise them by a smidgeon. Put 1kg on each end of the bar and my triceps seemed to have felt the effects more than anywhere else today but if I want to lose those droopy bits under the arms thats the way to do it.

Supposed to be raining in the morning so will try to get to Circuit and do some aerobic type work and get the blood pumping that way. We can but try.

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