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Monday, June 12, 2006

Baby its cold outside

Bit crabby this evening because today – Queens Birthday Monday - I have spent the day playing games on the floor in front of the fire with a seven-year-old grandaughter left in our charge for the weekend. Its been wet and wintry and I gathered this was the best place to be even tho it meant I was subject to the torture of ‘do I play to win or do I turn a blind eye and let her win now and again’.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to round up any of the other grandkids to come over as they were all out and about so it was all up to me. Persuading her that with some games whoever starts is sometimes dictated by a roll of the dice and she won’t always be the one who wins was a very tiring time.

Oh, the carrying on during Noughts and Crosses if I stopped her line of attack and the misery attacks if she lost a simple game of Dominoes. I can understand her wanting to go off on a tangent if she didn’t have either of the numbers needed but had one she could use to extend in another direction, that to me is lateral thinking and for a youngster is thinking outside the square even if it isn’t the proper grownup rules but, crikey, dominoes is such a straightforward game its not worth getting upset about. She certainly didn’t like it if she landed on a Snake and had to go tumbling down but then to tell the truth neither did I.

Silly as it may sound I was getting so fed up with all the carry on I yelled and whooped when I landed on ladder and rose to the top of the board.

I don’t remember her Mother carrying on if someone else won but then she wasn’t an only child and I think this is where the problem lay. I really think she is given in to all the time and allowed her own way no matter what and playing solo computer games has given her the attitude that no one else should dare to win. Her scores are her scores and she isn’t competing with anyone else. Yes, I accept it takes a while for kids to mature enough to accept taking turns and defeat but next time I have any of the others around I’ll try to get her over and make sure they get the games out so she does learn to share.................or take the consequences of annoying her cousins who don't put up with that sort of behaviour - and will tell her so:)

Oh I am an awful Grandma aren’t I?

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  1. Hun some days it just isnt worth trying no matter hat you do you do wrong...I can remember playing board games with my son and when he won he'd get upset cause it meant the game was finished he wanted to keep playing see no pleasing sometimes. Hope you found somehting else to do to enjoy the visit.


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