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Thursday, May 18, 2006

What a difference a day makes

I now realise the truth in the suggestion that exercising is good for you because it releases the hormones that make you feel alive and in a better frame of mind.

Its amazing how much better I have felt today - was I a bundle of laughs the other day. Nooo I was not

Yesterday was a fabulous day, sunny and dry and quite mild, a great Melbourne Autumn day and nothing was going to stop me from getting out in the fresh air and enjoying myself. Knowing I hadn't done much walking for nearly 3 weeks (cept when I went out with the babe) I thought I'd be dragging my heels so put a lot of effort in to my round the block circuit and was quite surprised to find my time was about the same as before we went up to Sydney . To me this meant I was capable of doing more and today when I went out on another great day I extended the distance a little bit with what seemed like no extra effort on my part. I read something somewhere about habits and it taking about 3 weeks to form a new one............ so does that mean if I work at the extra distance in 3 weeks it will seem like I've always been doing it. At least I think thats how it goes.

Yesterday I missed out on pump - left home for the gym a fraction too late and the traffic lights were against me all the way down the road - no tickets left so I decided to do the circuit class thats on at the same time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. There are loads of machines in the gym but there is always a queue and then I never know if my 'form' is right and there never seem to be enough staff around particularly in that area so I tend to use the bikes treadmill rower or the weird elliptical machine and steer clear of the machines so it was great to get a go and know someone was there to assist if I was doing it wrong.

Part of the class work was to jog round the room several times and I thought about how much I had improved because this time last year when I joined the gym I couldn't walk round that room without puffing let alone run round it and there I was belting along without a care in the world.

I still do a little jog every now and again on the treadmill in the gym and also along the streets on the downhill bits coming home from my walk but I think I would die of embarrassment if I came across anyone I knew. I would love to do even 1 km nonstop but at the moment its like jog to a 100 count and then walk to 200 counts and then try again. As I said its on the downhill homeward bits at the moment but one never knows what the future will bring. Maybe I will have to go further afield to practise the jogging bit.

I finally got to a pump class today but once again a busy day mean't it had to be 6.30pm or not at all and as I have got to remain committed I took the opportunity and nipped out leaving husband on his own in front of the TV.

I've never been at that time before so the instructor was new to me and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed her class so may be going back again at that time. She had Clear diction, gave Concise instructions and had a very encouraging attitude which sometimes is lacking in the others. I checked the board, and bummer, she only takes that one pump class a week other times she takes circuit at 6.30am.

Now I know I really want to get ahead with my exercise programme and this instructor appealed to me but it is Winter (well nearly Winter) and well its cold at that time of the day and I'm half asleep at that time of the day and I'm not sure I could function at that time of the day and No I don't think I'll go at that time of the day.

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