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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kick up the bum time

Have felt a bit down and flat since I returned to Melbourne last Friday. All my good intentions about going to the gym and getting back to regular exercise have not happened. I know its just guilty feelings but it still doesn't sit right with me.

We were expecting a son to come over Saturday morning so I couldn’t get to the gym (he changed his mind and rang after the pump class had started which put me in a good mood - not) then the drizzle changed to rain and came down for the rest of the day so I didn’t walk.

Sunday was Mothers Day and one son and family arrived earlier than expected so I never walked, then we went to a daughters in the afternoon, which meant I didn’t walk then either.

Monday I was busy and didn’t get time to scratch myself so the gym and my walk went by the wayside and believe it or not the same thing has happened today. SO…………………..from tomorrow – Wednesday – I am going to try to walk very early in the morning to make sure I get back into the routine.

That’s the trouble with being busy; if things don’t get done early they never get done.

A few years ago I walked in the mornings with some great neighbours we had, we left at 7am and were home just as the ABC news finished at 8am and because we talked most of the time I never noticed how long we were away from the house. I love the area where I live, theres lots to see in people’s gardens and as I’ve said previously I can vary the walk from level to hilly depending on how I feel so I shouldn't have problems getting out and enjoying it.

Getting to pump classes does take a bit of organizing some days but surely I should be able to manage that on just 2 days of the week. The Leisure Centre schedules them 6 days of the week and if I got my a…into gear I could even manage the recommended 3 classes with some cardio in the gym on other days.

Anyway enough of this misery, life is too short to be angry at oneself all the time. the sun is going to shine tomorrow - at least thats the forecast - and I intend to get out in the garden, pull some weeds and enjoy it - well, after I have been on my walk that is:))

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