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Friday, May 12, 2006

It all came back to me

Well I’m home – tired and weary but quite content.

Much to my concern I was worried I might have forgotten a lot of all the small things involved in being a mother because when the tiny grandchildren come to visit us even as really little ones they always go home again and I’m not responsible for them 24hours of the day. I’m quite sure I slept with one eye and one ear open the first night after the parents went away.

After a day or two it all came back and there were lots of fun times as well as a few of the sh……. ones – literal as well as the cranky ones. :))

With all the running about I was doing there wasn't the time to think about what was going into my mouth and so I just hoped for the best and much to my delight it must have been the right choices as I haven't gained anything. Mind you there wasn't any fattening food in the house to chomp on - the mother is a healthy eater which made it easy for us - and if we went out I stuck to ordering salads.

Before we went to Sydney I wondered how I would get any exercise in, well I couldn't just drop everything and go to the gym could I, but being a 2 story house mean't I got plenty of exercise going up and down the stairs several times a day and even tho it got cool in the evening the weather there in the daytime was quite pleasant most of the time, so I did make a point of taking the baby for a long walk in the pusher each day while Grandad looked after the 4 year old.

Well they do come in handy now and again :))

I soon realised that it must be hard for overweight mothers to get the time to plan their meals and stick to it. One good thing about Annette's Symply books is they have lots of family type meals that even little children can enjoy and not be deprived of the variety and taste they need to experience as their tastes are developing.

Since we've been away Winter seems to have arrived here in Melbourne so its going to be hot food all this week. I will have those books off the shelf tomorrow with pen and paper in hand to note recipe names, page numbers, and list all the ingredients on the shopping list.

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