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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Decisions Decisions

Decisions Decisions

Because I had to be somewhere midmorning yesterday I decided to go to the Circuit class at 9.15am instead of Pump at 10.30am and imagine my surprise when I walked in - who was taking it but my new found best friend aka as the new instructor. Seems her class times have been altered and she will be taking this class from now on.

She is certainly a go getter and so encouraging I left the class feeling I had actually worked hard and now have to decide whether I’ll make that a regular fixture or stay with the pump I have become accustomed to on a Saturday morning.

Decisions Decisions

Milo – everyone loves Milo don’t they? Or at least everyone I know loves Milo.

Trouble is that after all this time I have only just noticed and realized the amount of calories/kilojoules in each serving. We opened a new tin recently and I happened to read the back of the different looking label and nearly died of fright. There were 805 KJ in a serving using 250 skim milk.

A few years ago when my cholesterol problem was first diagnosed I had to see the Dietician who suggested we substituted our regular evening nightcap of Milo made with all milk (skim) with Milo just made with water and no milk.

It tasted as appetizing as it sounded – revolting - and Husband who was going along for the ride to help me cope jacked up and said No way Jose so we changed and started adding a small amount of skim milk to the water like a cup of instant coffee.

Not quite as many KJ as with all milk but still a lot and now I have to decide whether to continue having that cup at 8.30 in the evening and having it on hand for the G/kids when they come or try to find a substitute with less KJs.

Decisions Decisions.

Chatting to friend yesterday we were talking about why we exercised and had changed our eating habits - I said the Dr had told me if I lost some weight a lot of my problems would be lessened.

So she asked me was I doing it because I had to or because I wanted to?

Made me think for a while but then I said even tho it started out as I had to it and I was reluctant on some days to get out and about and do the hard yakka now I know it is because I want to and enjoy doing it and realize all the benefits I get from doing it

Oh Decisions Decisions.

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