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Monday, May 29, 2006

Back again

Here we are again, last week was a non week as life really got in the way plus the weather was a turnoff so no walks got done.

One good thing is I did eat properly tho so all is not lost on that front and the scales are not showing any gains, in fact they show a little loss which with more effort could be a bigger loss.

We had misty rain and lots of fog early each day and it was not very nice at all. No time to get to the gym either so I tried some floor exercises at home with some pilates moves thrown in for luck.

With the low temps outside we needed the fire alight, (down to 5c some nights) and I spent a lot of time curled up on the couch with some old gardening mags I'd been given by a friend - which have now been looked at and passed on to another friend - so it made me feel as though I'd made an effort and hadn't been lazing around in front of the fire all the time.

This morning however I said no more crap excuses and went out at a brisk pace, traipsed round the block for half an hour at a good pace and enjoyed myself looking at all the trees showing what seems this year to be very bright autumn colours, the air was chilly, the ground was wet from early rain and covered in messy dropped leaves but the sun was shining and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Coming home feeling invigorated and seeing all that made me realise what I was missing when I rolled over and said 'Not today Josephine' so at the moment I am full of enthusiasm and later on today I will definitely make it to the Leisure Centre and get into a Pump class.

As a side note one of my friends made a remark about my excuses for not walking in the cold and rain................................

'Theres no such thing as bad weather - just inappropriate clothing!

And with all the clothes in my wardrobe I'm sure the appropriate clothing is definitely in there :))

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