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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Life is good again

Well I think I am back in the swing of things again, I really wonder why I get so lazy and can’t be bothered then get annoyed at myself for not doing anything but I guess that’s just me – being a Libran doesn’t help either as we can get very lapsidasical and then worry because things aren't right - something to do with the scales and being balanced and all that.

Anyway this evening I feel great…today started off bitterly cold but dry (about 2c at my back door) and I was quite annoyed but relieved I couldn’t walk first thing as I had to be out and about by 8.30am. By the time I got home at 2pm the day was a cracker with lots of blue sky and sunshine so I put the runners on and couldn’t get out the door fast enough. Did my half hour trip round the block and decided to have a little jog on the last lap so really got the heart rate up. Hope to keep up the good work and get out again tomorrow.

The other week when we had all that rain I picked up a book at the local library called ‘Prevention’s Complete Book of Walking’ and am really enjoying it. It’s a fairly new book, published in 2000, is very easy to read and talks about all sorts of things to do with walking, health and exercise.

Each ‘chapter’ has several parts, which are not too long and very easy to digest ranging from the healthy reasons for walking, walking for weight loss, walking in different weather conditions to strength training for walkers and an 8 week plan for achieving that first 5km walk/fun run.

It seems to be a book to be picked up and browsed over and then picked up again and read more thoroughly and as I said before I am really enjoying it. Lots of tips about the funniest things like walking with poles, which they call Exercising, which is described as a simple, safe, enjoyable activity that uses almost all of your muscles in a single exercise session.

Now as you know I have been moaning about the winter weather we are having here in Melbourne at the moment and all the things that stop me from walking so when I found the following piece of writing in the book I thought it quite funny.


I woke up early today, excited about the day ahead. My health and well being are important and it is my job to decide to take care of myself. Its up to me to find the time, the place and the reasons to go for a walk.

Today I can complain because the weather is rainy, or ……
I can be thankful that my skin will be blessed with moisture.

Today I can feel sad that I have so many other things to do, or……….
I can be happy that I’ll have so much more energy to do them when I’m done walking

Today I can grumble over the temperature, or…
I can be thrilled that I’ve got the right clothes to deal with it.

Today I can whine because I have to find the time to walk, or….
I can shout for joy that my body is able to keep pace with my spirit

Today I can mourn my lack of walking partners, or…
I can revel in my quiet time alone.

What my health and fitness will be like is, in great measure, up to me. I get to choose my level of well being. I get to lay the plans for a daily walk.

Have a great walk today…unless you have other plans.

Author unknown

Monday, May 29, 2006

Back again

Here we are again, last week was a non week as life really got in the way plus the weather was a turnoff so no walks got done.

One good thing is I did eat properly tho so all is not lost on that front and the scales are not showing any gains, in fact they show a little loss which with more effort could be a bigger loss.

We had misty rain and lots of fog early each day and it was not very nice at all. No time to get to the gym either so I tried some floor exercises at home with some pilates moves thrown in for luck.

With the low temps outside we needed the fire alight, (down to 5c some nights) and I spent a lot of time curled up on the couch with some old gardening mags I'd been given by a friend - which have now been looked at and passed on to another friend - so it made me feel as though I'd made an effort and hadn't been lazing around in front of the fire all the time.

This morning however I said no more crap excuses and went out at a brisk pace, traipsed round the block for half an hour at a good pace and enjoyed myself looking at all the trees showing what seems this year to be very bright autumn colours, the air was chilly, the ground was wet from early rain and covered in messy dropped leaves but the sun was shining and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Coming home feeling invigorated and seeing all that made me realise what I was missing when I rolled over and said 'Not today Josephine' so at the moment I am full of enthusiasm and later on today I will definitely make it to the Leisure Centre and get into a Pump class.

As a side note one of my friends made a remark about my excuses for not walking in the cold and rain................................

'Theres no such thing as bad weather - just inappropriate clothing!

And with all the clothes in my wardrobe I'm sure the appropriate clothing is definitely in there :))

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Decisions Decisions

Decisions Decisions

Because I had to be somewhere midmorning yesterday I decided to go to the Circuit class at 9.15am instead of Pump at 10.30am and imagine my surprise when I walked in - who was taking it but my new found best friend aka as the new instructor. Seems her class times have been altered and she will be taking this class from now on.

She is certainly a go getter and so encouraging I left the class feeling I had actually worked hard and now have to decide whether I’ll make that a regular fixture or stay with the pump I have become accustomed to on a Saturday morning.

Decisions Decisions

Milo – everyone loves Milo don’t they? Or at least everyone I know loves Milo.

Trouble is that after all this time I have only just noticed and realized the amount of calories/kilojoules in each serving. We opened a new tin recently and I happened to read the back of the different looking label and nearly died of fright. There were 805 KJ in a serving using 250 skim milk.

A few years ago when my cholesterol problem was first diagnosed I had to see the Dietician who suggested we substituted our regular evening nightcap of Milo made with all milk (skim) with Milo just made with water and no milk.

It tasted as appetizing as it sounded – revolting - and Husband who was going along for the ride to help me cope jacked up and said No way Jose so we changed and started adding a small amount of skim milk to the water like a cup of instant coffee.

Not quite as many KJ as with all milk but still a lot and now I have to decide whether to continue having that cup at 8.30 in the evening and having it on hand for the G/kids when they come or try to find a substitute with less KJs.

Decisions Decisions.

Chatting to friend yesterday we were talking about why we exercised and had changed our eating habits - I said the Dr had told me if I lost some weight a lot of my problems would be lessened.

So she asked me was I doing it because I had to or because I wanted to?

Made me think for a while but then I said even tho it started out as I had to it and I was reluctant on some days to get out and about and do the hard yakka now I know it is because I want to and enjoy doing it and realize all the benefits I get from doing it

Oh Decisions Decisions.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The funny things we do

I really hope nobody was watching me in the very big shopping centre car park this afternoon when I came back to where I thought I had left the car. Hand to mouth and heart beating madly as it wasn’t there. Not there in the spot where I left it.
Well I swear it was there when I left it, someone must have moved it whilst I was busy in the shopping centre.

Yes you all know what I am talking about – the car that moves around the car park when you aren’t looking.

Of course after a little wander around looking very puzzled I found it and remembered leaving it in that very spot. That’s what happens when you try to be clever and get some more exercise in by parking as far away from the entrance as you can so there is an extra walk before the trudging around the mall lovingly called shopping begins.

I think half the problem was I didn’t go to the same area as I normally do, and after battling the crowds all my mind just wants to do is recognise something familiar (like my little red car) and be comfortable before driving home.................... Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it :)

Feeling very relieved I put the shopping on the passenger seat and started to drive home but had to stop myself opening the chocolate biscuits I had bought for company this weekend. I felt I needed something soothing and chocolate is certain to soothe me but I was very strong and didn’t give in.

I lie................I made coffee at home and then had one.

Needless to say I haven’t told Husband about my car’s little disappearing act, think I’ll keep it to myself.

Happily for me it was a false alarm but I hate to think of the pain and anguish I would feel if the car really had been stolen. Next time I must look more carefully at the surroundings and make a mental note of the number on the wall.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

What a difference a day makes

I now realise the truth in the suggestion that exercising is good for you because it releases the hormones that make you feel alive and in a better frame of mind.

Its amazing how much better I have felt today - was I a bundle of laughs the other day. Nooo I was not

Yesterday was a fabulous day, sunny and dry and quite mild, a great Melbourne Autumn day and nothing was going to stop me from getting out in the fresh air and enjoying myself. Knowing I hadn't done much walking for nearly 3 weeks (cept when I went out with the babe) I thought I'd be dragging my heels so put a lot of effort in to my round the block circuit and was quite surprised to find my time was about the same as before we went up to Sydney . To me this meant I was capable of doing more and today when I went out on another great day I extended the distance a little bit with what seemed like no extra effort on my part. I read something somewhere about habits and it taking about 3 weeks to form a new one............ so does that mean if I work at the extra distance in 3 weeks it will seem like I've always been doing it. At least I think thats how it goes.

Yesterday I missed out on pump - left home for the gym a fraction too late and the traffic lights were against me all the way down the road - no tickets left so I decided to do the circuit class thats on at the same time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. There are loads of machines in the gym but there is always a queue and then I never know if my 'form' is right and there never seem to be enough staff around particularly in that area so I tend to use the bikes treadmill rower or the weird elliptical machine and steer clear of the machines so it was great to get a go and know someone was there to assist if I was doing it wrong.

Part of the class work was to jog round the room several times and I thought about how much I had improved because this time last year when I joined the gym I couldn't walk round that room without puffing let alone run round it and there I was belting along without a care in the world.

I still do a little jog every now and again on the treadmill in the gym and also along the streets on the downhill bits coming home from my walk but I think I would die of embarrassment if I came across anyone I knew. I would love to do even 1 km nonstop but at the moment its like jog to a 100 count and then walk to 200 counts and then try again. As I said its on the downhill homeward bits at the moment but one never knows what the future will bring. Maybe I will have to go further afield to practise the jogging bit.

I finally got to a pump class today but once again a busy day mean't it had to be 6.30pm or not at all and as I have got to remain committed I took the opportunity and nipped out leaving husband on his own in front of the TV.

I've never been at that time before so the instructor was new to me and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed her class so may be going back again at that time. She had Clear diction, gave Concise instructions and had a very encouraging attitude which sometimes is lacking in the others. I checked the board, and bummer, she only takes that one pump class a week other times she takes circuit at 6.30am.

Now I know I really want to get ahead with my exercise programme and this instructor appealed to me but it is Winter (well nearly Winter) and well its cold at that time of the day and I'm half asleep at that time of the day and I'm not sure I could function at that time of the day and No I don't think I'll go at that time of the day.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kick up the bum time

Have felt a bit down and flat since I returned to Melbourne last Friday. All my good intentions about going to the gym and getting back to regular exercise have not happened. I know its just guilty feelings but it still doesn't sit right with me.

We were expecting a son to come over Saturday morning so I couldn’t get to the gym (he changed his mind and rang after the pump class had started which put me in a good mood - not) then the drizzle changed to rain and came down for the rest of the day so I didn’t walk.

Sunday was Mothers Day and one son and family arrived earlier than expected so I never walked, then we went to a daughters in the afternoon, which meant I didn’t walk then either.

Monday I was busy and didn’t get time to scratch myself so the gym and my walk went by the wayside and believe it or not the same thing has happened today. SO…………………..from tomorrow – Wednesday – I am going to try to walk very early in the morning to make sure I get back into the routine.

That’s the trouble with being busy; if things don’t get done early they never get done.

A few years ago I walked in the mornings with some great neighbours we had, we left at 7am and were home just as the ABC news finished at 8am and because we talked most of the time I never noticed how long we were away from the house. I love the area where I live, theres lots to see in people’s gardens and as I’ve said previously I can vary the walk from level to hilly depending on how I feel so I shouldn't have problems getting out and enjoying it.

Getting to pump classes does take a bit of organizing some days but surely I should be able to manage that on just 2 days of the week. The Leisure Centre schedules them 6 days of the week and if I got my a…into gear I could even manage the recommended 3 classes with some cardio in the gym on other days.

Anyway enough of this misery, life is too short to be angry at oneself all the time. the sun is going to shine tomorrow - at least thats the forecast - and I intend to get out in the garden, pull some weeds and enjoy it - well, after I have been on my walk that is:))

Friday, May 12, 2006

It all came back to me

Well I’m home – tired and weary but quite content.

Much to my concern I was worried I might have forgotten a lot of all the small things involved in being a mother because when the tiny grandchildren come to visit us even as really little ones they always go home again and I’m not responsible for them 24hours of the day. I’m quite sure I slept with one eye and one ear open the first night after the parents went away.

After a day or two it all came back and there were lots of fun times as well as a few of the sh……. ones – literal as well as the cranky ones. :))

With all the running about I was doing there wasn't the time to think about what was going into my mouth and so I just hoped for the best and much to my delight it must have been the right choices as I haven't gained anything. Mind you there wasn't any fattening food in the house to chomp on - the mother is a healthy eater which made it easy for us - and if we went out I stuck to ordering salads.

Before we went to Sydney I wondered how I would get any exercise in, well I couldn't just drop everything and go to the gym could I, but being a 2 story house mean't I got plenty of exercise going up and down the stairs several times a day and even tho it got cool in the evening the weather there in the daytime was quite pleasant most of the time, so I did make a point of taking the baby for a long walk in the pusher each day while Grandad looked after the 4 year old.

Well they do come in handy now and again :))

I soon realised that it must be hard for overweight mothers to get the time to plan their meals and stick to it. One good thing about Annette's Symply books is they have lots of family type meals that even little children can enjoy and not be deprived of the variety and taste they need to experience as their tastes are developing.

Since we've been away Winter seems to have arrived here in Melbourne so its going to be hot food all this week. I will have those books off the shelf tomorrow with pen and paper in hand to note recipe names, page numbers, and list all the ingredients on the shopping list.