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Saturday, April 8, 2006

Wet Saturday in Melbourne

I finally managed to get to a Pump class this morning at the Leisure Centre. It had an extra component to it today in that the instructors were giving instructions on correct technique. I'm not all that marvellous but sometimes I look round the room at other people and think 'that doesn't look quite right' and it turns out I was right in my observations. Some of those things weren't the right 'form'

Just have to hope I can keep up the correct form each time I do it.

It was raining and miserable when I arrived and there were no Tennis Lessons on the outside courts. I suppose they will have finished for the season unless they go inside somewhere for the winter. Mind you Tennis is regarded as a summer sport so they are probably all off playing something else.

I see Australia won its round of the Davis Cup that was being played at Kooyong today so will be playing again in the next round but didn't catch who it wll be tho'. Nice to see Kooyong being used again for a topnotch tournament, it looked good on TV and brought back some memories.

Lots of children of all ages having gymnastic classes and coaching at the Leisure Centre this morning. If I can get there early enough I like to stand for a while and watch the classes on Saturday as the littlies are so funny trying to do rolls and balance on beams, reminds me of PE at school when I was small. There is loads of equipment placed around one of the basketball courts and they move around from one thing to another and do different exercises. Some of the kids are really good so you never know if there will be future Gold medal Winners for Australia in their ranks. I believe one of our recent medal winners did actually start in these classes.

This wet Saturday afternoon in Melbourne the programmes on TV were:

Davis Cup Tennis
Surf Carnival
Lawn Bowls

Are we a sports mad city or what?

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