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Monday, April 3, 2006

Waterbaby I am not

I did go to the pool early this morning and managed to do 8 laps again but then felt really cold and had to get out. As I went in I noticed the temp gauge said the water was 29c but I have my doubts. My fingers had gone white and my whole body felt cold, strange sensation and I'll have to mention it to the Dr next time I'm there. When I got home ( five min drive) I ran a bath and lazed around in there listening ot the radio and reading so was quite waterlogged when I got out !! Felt nice and warm all morning tho'

Not content with that I got in a session of Body Pump late this afternoon, put some of my weights up so feel exercised out. Unfortunately won't have time for anything tomorrow as I'll be out from early morn till very late afternoon. Will have to try for along walk on Wednesday to make up for it.

Somehow I think it's nearly time to empty the freezer and see whats down the bottom. I thought we had some fish in there which I fancied for dinner tonight but a quick search has been fruitless..........however I did discover there are 4 legs of lamb that need to be eaten and a couple of chickens also. Which means I'll have to do some proper cooking one day soon, with the change in the weather I don't mind putting the oven on as it will make the kitchen nice and warm and cozy.

There are countless chops and sausages that weren't used at BBQs during the summer so if the girls don't want them for the grandchildren I think they will go in the bin as they aren't on the menu for Husband and I these days. Nice healthy food is my choice these days - well some days I might slip up and slip in a choccy or two - but we can't be perfect all the time can we? :)

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