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Sunday, April 2, 2006

Round 1

Well here in Melbourne the footy (aussie rules) season has begun and the opening round is taking in part of last week - all this weekend - and then part of next week. Talk about a Grand Entrance to get the fans interested.

Two of the grandsons are playing for different local clubs and the 2 clubs happened to have training games against each other this morning. Husband and I decided (after being prompted by their parents) to go down to the local oval and watch them play but I had forgotten how cool it can feel when the wind blows across that oval and so wasn’t the happiest person when I got out of the car and realized I’d left my jacket at home.

Then it dawned on me – local footy, park round the perimeter of the oval, sit in the car, Grandma has a warm body and keeps the boys happy at the same time.

Bummer no car spots near the fence so had to stand in the sun and look comfortable.

Won’t make that mistake again :))

After the cold morning its been a funny sort of afternoon - cloudy and cool one minute – then the suns out and its pleasant.
Spent some time earlier raking up some of next doors oak leaves and acorns…. from off of my grass. The b…. tree hangs over our fence and I’m sure we get most of the leaves and acorns on our side of the fence. I don’t mind gathering up the leaves later on, they then can go into the compost but this time of the year the grass and the garden beds are full of the little blighters and I spend time now and again on Emu Parade. That’s what our kids used to call it at school when their grade had to go out and pick up the litter in the school grounds. Filled the wheelie bin as the last thing I need are thousands of oak trees growing in the compost.

No walk today but am thinking about a dip in the pool tomorrow.

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