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Thursday, April 6, 2006

My day of rest

My foot was feeling much better so early on today I thought I'd tackle cutting back some of the summer stuff thats finished for the time being. Things like Salvias and Pentstemons don't look their best after flowering so I usually take them back by half for the winter.

Just one thing got in the way - the weather. I think the one who made all things bright and beautiful has forgotten the season of autumn because it has been like winter outside my house today.

And rain – well it hasn’t rained like this for a while – not that I am complaining - but nice gentle rain would be good – not heavy downpours that wash everything away and make life a bit on the squelshy side. Gave it up as a bad job and settled down on the deck with a book and cup of coffee.

Early last year I took a bit of persuading to agree to Husband installing Bistro Blinds (those clear vinyl type blinds) round the deck and also putting a roof over it as I love the feel of sun and air and if it's hot and sunny use an umbrella and an upright fan for shade and breeze. But I must confess its on days like this that it is nice to be able to go outside and sit - a bit chilly I know - and enjoy the fresh air.

We changed the lounge suite a couple of years ago and I stashed the armchairs in the garage. Last winter much to the families annoyance I brought them out and put them on the deck - not the done thing - and put them back in the garage again during the summer. They are back on the deck again ..........and Yes I looked a Granny (which I am) today wrapped up in a blanket with my book and coffee and oh so comfy and warm.

Its like buying a new pair of shoes - comfort before style these days

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