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Friday, April 14, 2006

Love comes when least expected

Earlier this evening I had a call from one of our Grandchildren. This little one (aged 10) lives – and has always lived - many miles away with her mother and because of circumstances we have only met, talked and had cuddles once before.
My son (her father) does not see much of her and once I was aware of her existence ( and also because of this lack of contact on his part) I was determined she would be treated the same by us as all the other grandchildren, her birthday is never forgotten, neither is Christmas, with parcels going her way on both occasions as well as the odd phone call.

The Mother doesn’t seem too fussed when I ring but I have to be careful not to sound nosy when I do talk to the little one, questions like ‘How are you doing at school, what are your favorite subjects, which books do you like to read now’ could all be construed as nosiness and not just a Grandma trying to get a handle on what makes the little one tick.

So when I heard her voice this evening I was thrilled that she wanted to say “Happy Easter Grandma and Grandad” and send love to her unseen family at the other end of Australia. One day I know we will be able to fly her down to spend some time with us and all her cousins.

Here in Melbourne as well as the religious side of the day Good Friday has for many many years been associated with The Childrens Hospital Appeal.

Schools, Pubs, Communities all round Victoria raise funds during the year and the fundraising ends with a televised fun day and telethon with totals being read out for all the world to see. I remember years ago our children would have the TV on really early and watch all morning in the hope of hearing their primary school's total being mentioned.

This year there was even a special Fun Run with 20,00 entrants which raised several hundreds of thousands of dollars which will be gratefully received. Hopefully, if I keep going the right way, I am aiming to take part next year.

I heard this rhyme today for the first time in many years

Good Better Best
Never let it rest
Till Good becomes Better
And Better Best

Must try to live by that thought in the future.

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