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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

He who Hesitates is Lost

How many times did I hear my Mother say that and never really take much notice.

Both Yesterday and Today it came true

I mentioned to Husband this morning as we drove along past the Service Station I would pop back and fill my car when we got home. Instead of doing it when we got home, I put the kettle on and enjoyed a nice cup of tea and left the trip up the road until quite a lot later

Yes you guessed it

When I realized it had jumped in price from $1.21 a litre to $1.34 a litre in one foul swoop I was so disgusted I drove on by and thought I am able to coast along for a few more days on whats in the tank and get some when it’s gone down a bit.

Maybe that’s what I should do when I fancy things like bars of chocolate and chocolate biscuits – imagine they have risen so greatly in price I baulk at paying for them and leave them on the shelf at the supermarket. Unfortunately I can never just eat one or a little bit so its best they don’t come into the house at all.

No exercise today as I have a very swollen ankle.

Yesterday I was carrying a heavy box and feeling it slipping from my grip I hesitated at a doorway and instead of just dropping the box and moving swiftly out of the way I stupidly let it land on my ankle. Well the reason (or so I keep telling myself) I didn’t move out of the way is that I didn’t think it was going to actually land where it did.

Very sore and swollen by the evening – had iced it and was resting with it raised but troublesome enough to make me take some Paracetamol and ring the Dr’s to get an early appt just to check it out. Iced it again before bed and even though it throbbed a bit I slept sound. Felt ok this morning so cancelled the Dr and I have been able to walk gingerly with the support of my runners so realized not much harm done but I won’t be doing long walks or classes for a few days until it feels just right.

Never rains but it pours ..........................just like the weather outside our house at the moment.

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