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Friday, April 7, 2006

Getting used to the change

Cool again last night – finally gave in and turned the heating on. Such welcome warmth and with the new heating we put in last year hopefully a lot cheaper than before.

I changed the blankets on the bed to the wool ones the other day and that helped a lot overnight – husband laughed when I fished the hottie out of the laundry cupboard and filled it last night but as he won't have electric blankets he will have to get used to the nightly ritual as he doesn’t like the cold feet I have and until the bed and my feet warm up thats the only other alternative. :)

Will have to get back into the walking soon as I know from experience it doesn't take much (could be something like bad weather) to turn me off exercise . I missed again today as I was tied up with a meeting and then the rain has come down all afternoon.

We have a daughter who really enjoys her running and will be out in town on Sunday doing the Childrens Hospital 14.5km run. She does runs of various distances including half marathons and told me recently she and a friend were contemplating putting their names down for the Melbourne Marathon in October as well something called Trailwalkers 2007 which involves walking/running 100kms in 48hrs.

Sounds like hard work to me, but then at the moment 5kms in my book is not a short walk. :))

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