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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Family Features

Gave in to Husband and went to the pictures Saturday evening, saw Pink Panther and wished I'd stayed at home in front of the TV. Not funny at all - even the man said it wasn't as good as the one we saw years ago with Peter Sellars as the policeman. We ate at the Pancake Parlor beforehand which was another bad call. The dear man didn't get his choices right that night:)

We did have a fabulous time on Sunday meeting up with some old friends at RAAF Point Cook. There was an air display on in the afternoon which is always a good thing for us - sort of in the blood as I was a quarters brat (born into the airforce as father was a serving member) then met Husband when he was a serving member so spent the first 30 years of my life around aircraft and airmen. The people we met were also exRAf so the men were reminiscing all day - funny listening to 60 year olds trying to be 20 again.

Childminding duties on Monday ( curriculum day!) meant it was hard to get out for a walk so I took g/child to the pool. I was able to get in with her and swim around but couldn't do any laps as I couldn't leave her on her own. She can sort of swim (quite well actually for a 7 year old ) but we had to get in the big pool which even at the shallow end was up to her shoulders as there were toddler lessons going on in the little pool. It did give her an opportunity to experience that without the hurley burley of lots of other bodies splashing around and gave me time to do some sort of aerobics type movements watching her. Swam to and fro encouraging her to go further and also swam alongside her as encouragement. I love it when they have good fun and then very unexpectedley say "You are cool Grandma, you're the best"

Anyway yesterday to make up for the lack of exercise I put a change of clothes and runners in the car and managed to get to the Gym in the middle of the day on the way home from somewhere and used the Cross Trainer and Treadill for half an hour and then was able to get a proper outside walk in late in the afternoon. Good half hour in the pleasant sunshine (lovely to have autumn weather back again) but it was funny when I was nearly home and looked up at the sky and saw the Man in the Moon looking down. Almost a full moon and out so early it was lovely to look at but unreal in a way. As Husband got a round of golf in it was an energetic day for both of us.

Was good today and did my usual walk in reverse order and noticed lots of trees colouring up and losing their leaves. Cut some time off so will have to extend the distance a bit next time. Added some weight on the bar at Pump this evening so seem to be making some progress somewhere even if I'm not sure where. With the long weekend coming up I want to get on and finish a large Teddy Bear so will definitely have to get a walk in each morning before I sit down to sew.

This is a great weekend in some ways (Easter is a joyous time) but its also the only weekend of the year I dread, all that chocolate floating around is a great trial to me and obviously also to one of my girls. she turned up the other day with a bag full of Chocolate Eggs and asked me to keep it here till Saturday as she would eat it if it was in her house.

Roll on Saturday as its not doing me any good seeing it in the corner of my bedroom each day. Stress comes in all shapes and sizes - little chocolate eggs included.

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