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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Saturday Thoughts

Guess what - its been another wet Saturday in Melbourne.

It doesn't seem that long ago we here in Melbourne were in drought mode and I think there are still some water restrictions in place but all day long there has been no shortage of water in my backyard.

It has poured on and off all day long, torrential rain that just ran off and didn't even think about going underground, then there were some lovely periods of blue sky enough to make me think maybe I could get a quick walk in and then quick as a wink the sky greyed over and down came the rain.

Of course the day started with those beautiful blue skies and there was a a load of washing in before I got a hint of what was to come so now the clothes horse is on the covered back deck full to capacity and shirts are hanging on coathangers in the laundry. As the day progressed it got colder and colder so I put the heating on - they can stay there overnight and will be dry in the morning.

A few things that Easter Weekend brings:

Easter Eggs - Oh when I think of all the Chocolate Eggs and Rabbits I have eaten during my adult lifetime I feel quite sick. We never got them as children, I remember Mum usually dyed (not very well) a hard boiled one and gave us some new clothes. I used to buy either a cup with an egg in or an egg cup with one in for our children, that way there was something to keep after the chocolate was eaten.

Hot Cross Buns - Something that only appeared on Good Friday bought from the local Bakery and certainly didn't appear in the shops all those weeks beforehand. Even now I will only eat them on Good Friday and for some reason check the calorie and fat content. I don't seem to acknowledge they are a treat and only come round once a year.

Childrens Hospital Appeal - I mentioned this yesterday and the talk today is they have raised in excess of 10 million 250 thousand dollars. That as the kids would say is sseriously a lot of money. It doesn't seem that long ago they raised the first million and all the publicity that went with that feat.

Stawell Gift - one of the things I do like to do is (if we are home) when its being run is sit down and watch this foot race. Theres something about watching the pantomime that takes place as professional runners and also amateurs - who hope to win by gaining something in the handicap system- try their darndest to capture the prize money and get their name in the history book. I wonder if any of the sprinters who ran in Melbourne last month will be there.

Surfing at Bells Beach - that can be one cold spot at Easter.

One year I gave in and took some of the kids all the way down there and vowed never again. It was ok on the main road toodling along beside all the surfers kombi vans (this was back in the 70's) and I have no idea how it is now but driving along what seemed like enormous sand dunes to park was hair raising. The wind blew and blew and the rain came down. The kids were frozen (so was the driver) but overawed by the talent there. I forgot to take the binoculars so couldn't see what was going on out at sea and what was coming out of the loudspeakers was suppposed to be commentary but I couldn't understand a word - but then it has a language all of its own doesn't it :))

Then it was time to come home and repeat the procession to the main road and battle the by now slightly intoxicated and high on other stuff fellow drivers. Thankfully the interest in surfing went by the wayside the next summer. They thought snow skiing would be good but I drew the line at travelling up and over the Black Spur in the winter.

And of course at Easter there is the footy. There were five kids in the house all baracking for different teams back then - they still favour the same teams and still bicker about them when they get together these days. Its funny to listen to their children doing the same when they get together and they wonder why Grandma doesn't 'go' for any particular team. Theres no way they could accuse me of favouritism is there!

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