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Friday, April 28, 2006

Busy fingers

Ritzy Reds at Tessalaars - me on back row with purple scarf

A whole week has gone by since I was last here and I have to confess I have been busy with other things and really haven’t thought about updating my thinkings, in fact I haven’t even thought about coming here. Having said that when I look back over the week it’s still been one of those unremarkable weeks that sort of come and go without being noticed.

Anzac Day was the exception in the week and with a lovely sunny day forecast and actually eventuating it was great to see so many attended the dawn service in the city and also took part in the March.

Last Saturday I went into Spotlight and much to my surprise I bought some of that fluffy wool that was (and obviously still is) all the rage for hats and scarves.

It must have been 3 years ago along with most of Melbourne I knitted all the g/daughters scarves as well as sets of hats and scarves to take overseas as gifts when we went 2 years ago. Always try to make a big impression on the rellies with handmade pressies and I thought it would be a nice way to say thank you for all the cooked meals and free board and lodging when we stayed overnight.

Back to this lot I bought on Saturday…I’m not sure whyI bought more (well I do know why – it was only 79c a ball and felt deliciously soft) because it was such a pain to knit up last time.

Imagine if you can the following procedure that took place if I stupidly dropped a stitch - I had to put the magnifying glasses on top of my usual glasses and then use a needlework magnifier round my neck and put the daylight globe on to be able to find the dropped stitch. An absolute nightmare.

Well, back to the fluffy yarn, I walked through Spotlight and saw this huge stand of red yarn and immediately thought - I could knit myself a gorgeous fluffy red hat!!

Why a fluffy red hat you ask......


once a month I get together with some other ladies of a certain age for ‘a cracking good time’.

We belong to the Red Hat Society – which according to the blurb is the fastest growing women’s movement that is reshaping the way we view getting older. Inspired by a poem called “Warning” about a lady thinking about what she will do when she is old that begins “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple with a red hat” we dress in purple on that day and wear a red hat and have fun.

So for next month we are going to catch the tram down to St Kilda Beach and have afternoon tea there before catching it home again. All of dressed in purple wearing our red hats!! And of course it will probably be cold hence the need for a fluffy red hat instead of my big one with the red rose on it :))

On those days nobody talks about their problems, world events or even weight. We do nothing of importance cept make each other feel good and laugh as much as posssible and have fun.

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