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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Two happy little boys and their Grandma in Jan 2006
Forgot to mention yesterday I'll be absent for a couple of weeks from tomorrow. I am off 'up norf' to Sydney Town to look after these 2 little rascals while their Mum and Dad go off for a while to have a rest and enjoy themselves.
I love this photo taken when they came to visit during the summer. Considering they don't see us on a regular basis they were so happy and relaxed thats one of the reasons we said 'yes' to our son's request for a weeks babysitting from us.
See you soon

Friday, April 28, 2006

Busy fingers

Ritzy Reds at Tessalaars - me on back row with purple scarf

A whole week has gone by since I was last here and I have to confess I have been busy with other things and really haven’t thought about updating my thinkings, in fact I haven’t even thought about coming here. Having said that when I look back over the week it’s still been one of those unremarkable weeks that sort of come and go without being noticed.

Anzac Day was the exception in the week and with a lovely sunny day forecast and actually eventuating it was great to see so many attended the dawn service in the city and also took part in the March.

Last Saturday I went into Spotlight and much to my surprise I bought some of that fluffy wool that was (and obviously still is) all the rage for hats and scarves.

It must have been 3 years ago along with most of Melbourne I knitted all the g/daughters scarves as well as sets of hats and scarves to take overseas as gifts when we went 2 years ago. Always try to make a big impression on the rellies with handmade pressies and I thought it would be a nice way to say thank you for all the cooked meals and free board and lodging when we stayed overnight.

Back to this lot I bought on Saturday…I’m not sure whyI bought more (well I do know why – it was only 79c a ball and felt deliciously soft) because it was such a pain to knit up last time.

Imagine if you can the following procedure that took place if I stupidly dropped a stitch - I had to put the magnifying glasses on top of my usual glasses and then use a needlework magnifier round my neck and put the daylight globe on to be able to find the dropped stitch. An absolute nightmare.

Well, back to the fluffy yarn, I walked through Spotlight and saw this huge stand of red yarn and immediately thought - I could knit myself a gorgeous fluffy red hat!!

Why a fluffy red hat you ask......


once a month I get together with some other ladies of a certain age for ‘a cracking good time’.

We belong to the Red Hat Society – which according to the blurb is the fastest growing women’s movement that is reshaping the way we view getting older. Inspired by a poem called “Warning” about a lady thinking about what she will do when she is old that begins “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple with a red hat” we dress in purple on that day and wear a red hat and have fun.

So for next month we are going to catch the tram down to St Kilda Beach and have afternoon tea there before catching it home again. All of dressed in purple wearing our red hats!! And of course it will probably be cold hence the need for a fluffy red hat instead of my big one with the red rose on it :))

On those days nobody talks about their problems, world events or even weight. We do nothing of importance cept make each other feel good and laugh as much as posssible and have fun.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Facts to be faced

After a great weekend topped off by a day trip to Marysville I have had a week of mixed emotions. Not sure why but something tells me I have to get going with life again.

I am still hovering around the 63kg and cannot for the life of me make it stick or get any lower. It will be a year in July when I was advised at 74kgs to lose some weight ( to aim for 60kgs) , after all that time I am dissapointed I still haven't achieved it. Put bluntly I'm p........ off with myself and imagine lack of commitment could be the reason.

I have an idea what one of the problems could be – I haven’t really made a definite effort to plan the meals over the past month or two (truthfully that could read since Christmas). The month I spent at the Athletes Village in March with the meals provided made life very easy and somehow I’ve not back into the swing of things.

So my main goal for the next few weeks must be the same as most people concerned about their weight and is to actually think about and then plan what we are going to eat. Most days should be fine but there are the ones that don’t turn out the way we planned so there has to be something suitable in the freezer for those occasions. Take away is not a good alternative to lack of planning.

Of course regular exercise would be good as well. As well as trying to the gym I do try to get a walk in most days but as the weather is changing I am getting reluctant to even go out the door.

Now this morning was great, fine and dry, bit windy and chilly but not really cold. I wore a jacket to take the chill out of the air and would have been happier if I’d remembered to pick up my gloves. Don't laugh but I even tried the childhood trick of pulling the sleeves down over my hands - didn't help much so I persevered with the cool fingers.

A while ago I mapped out/walked a different different route for a change which was about the same length as my usual one but on the level, there were no hills involved. So badly needing something to perk me up, on the pretence of looking at other gardens I went that way this morning. It took the same length of time but I felt as though I really hadn’t done anything so feel the hills make a difference. Also extending the distance could help as well.

I might start recording the actual distance and how I feel at the end of my walks. Wont do it here tho' as it doesn’t really make for riveting reading.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Saturday Thoughts

Guess what - its been another wet Saturday in Melbourne.

It doesn't seem that long ago we here in Melbourne were in drought mode and I think there are still some water restrictions in place but all day long there has been no shortage of water in my backyard.

It has poured on and off all day long, torrential rain that just ran off and didn't even think about going underground, then there were some lovely periods of blue sky enough to make me think maybe I could get a quick walk in and then quick as a wink the sky greyed over and down came the rain.

Of course the day started with those beautiful blue skies and there was a a load of washing in before I got a hint of what was to come so now the clothes horse is on the covered back deck full to capacity and shirts are hanging on coathangers in the laundry. As the day progressed it got colder and colder so I put the heating on - they can stay there overnight and will be dry in the morning.

A few things that Easter Weekend brings:

Easter Eggs - Oh when I think of all the Chocolate Eggs and Rabbits I have eaten during my adult lifetime I feel quite sick. We never got them as children, I remember Mum usually dyed (not very well) a hard boiled one and gave us some new clothes. I used to buy either a cup with an egg in or an egg cup with one in for our children, that way there was something to keep after the chocolate was eaten.

Hot Cross Buns - Something that only appeared on Good Friday bought from the local Bakery and certainly didn't appear in the shops all those weeks beforehand. Even now I will only eat them on Good Friday and for some reason check the calorie and fat content. I don't seem to acknowledge they are a treat and only come round once a year.

Childrens Hospital Appeal - I mentioned this yesterday and the talk today is they have raised in excess of 10 million 250 thousand dollars. That as the kids would say is sseriously a lot of money. It doesn't seem that long ago they raised the first million and all the publicity that went with that feat.

Stawell Gift - one of the things I do like to do is (if we are home) when its being run is sit down and watch this foot race. Theres something about watching the pantomime that takes place as professional runners and also amateurs - who hope to win by gaining something in the handicap system- try their darndest to capture the prize money and get their name in the history book. I wonder if any of the sprinters who ran in Melbourne last month will be there.

Surfing at Bells Beach - that can be one cold spot at Easter.

One year I gave in and took some of the kids all the way down there and vowed never again. It was ok on the main road toodling along beside all the surfers kombi vans (this was back in the 70's) and I have no idea how it is now but driving along what seemed like enormous sand dunes to park was hair raising. The wind blew and blew and the rain came down. The kids were frozen (so was the driver) but overawed by the talent there. I forgot to take the binoculars so couldn't see what was going on out at sea and what was coming out of the loudspeakers was suppposed to be commentary but I couldn't understand a word - but then it has a language all of its own doesn't it :))

Then it was time to come home and repeat the procession to the main road and battle the by now slightly intoxicated and high on other stuff fellow drivers. Thankfully the interest in surfing went by the wayside the next summer. They thought snow skiing would be good but I drew the line at travelling up and over the Black Spur in the winter.

And of course at Easter there is the footy. There were five kids in the house all baracking for different teams back then - they still favour the same teams and still bicker about them when they get together these days. Its funny to listen to their children doing the same when they get together and they wonder why Grandma doesn't 'go' for any particular team. Theres no way they could accuse me of favouritism is there!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Love comes when least expected

Earlier this evening I had a call from one of our Grandchildren. This little one (aged 10) lives – and has always lived - many miles away with her mother and because of circumstances we have only met, talked and had cuddles once before.
My son (her father) does not see much of her and once I was aware of her existence ( and also because of this lack of contact on his part) I was determined she would be treated the same by us as all the other grandchildren, her birthday is never forgotten, neither is Christmas, with parcels going her way on both occasions as well as the odd phone call.

The Mother doesn’t seem too fussed when I ring but I have to be careful not to sound nosy when I do talk to the little one, questions like ‘How are you doing at school, what are your favorite subjects, which books do you like to read now’ could all be construed as nosiness and not just a Grandma trying to get a handle on what makes the little one tick.

So when I heard her voice this evening I was thrilled that she wanted to say “Happy Easter Grandma and Grandad” and send love to her unseen family at the other end of Australia. One day I know we will be able to fly her down to spend some time with us and all her cousins.

Here in Melbourne as well as the religious side of the day Good Friday has for many many years been associated with The Childrens Hospital Appeal.

Schools, Pubs, Communities all round Victoria raise funds during the year and the fundraising ends with a televised fun day and telethon with totals being read out for all the world to see. I remember years ago our children would have the TV on really early and watch all morning in the hope of hearing their primary school's total being mentioned.

This year there was even a special Fun Run with 20,00 entrants which raised several hundreds of thousands of dollars which will be gratefully received. Hopefully, if I keep going the right way, I am aiming to take part next year.

I heard this rhyme today for the first time in many years

Good Better Best
Never let it rest
Till Good becomes Better
And Better Best

Must try to live by that thought in the future.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Family Features

Gave in to Husband and went to the pictures Saturday evening, saw Pink Panther and wished I'd stayed at home in front of the TV. Not funny at all - even the man said it wasn't as good as the one we saw years ago with Peter Sellars as the policeman. We ate at the Pancake Parlor beforehand which was another bad call. The dear man didn't get his choices right that night:)

We did have a fabulous time on Sunday meeting up with some old friends at RAAF Point Cook. There was an air display on in the afternoon which is always a good thing for us - sort of in the blood as I was a quarters brat (born into the airforce as father was a serving member) then met Husband when he was a serving member so spent the first 30 years of my life around aircraft and airmen. The people we met were also exRAf so the men were reminiscing all day - funny listening to 60 year olds trying to be 20 again.

Childminding duties on Monday ( curriculum day!) meant it was hard to get out for a walk so I took g/child to the pool. I was able to get in with her and swim around but couldn't do any laps as I couldn't leave her on her own. She can sort of swim (quite well actually for a 7 year old ) but we had to get in the big pool which even at the shallow end was up to her shoulders as there were toddler lessons going on in the little pool. It did give her an opportunity to experience that without the hurley burley of lots of other bodies splashing around and gave me time to do some sort of aerobics type movements watching her. Swam to and fro encouraging her to go further and also swam alongside her as encouragement. I love it when they have good fun and then very unexpectedley say "You are cool Grandma, you're the best"

Anyway yesterday to make up for the lack of exercise I put a change of clothes and runners in the car and managed to get to the Gym in the middle of the day on the way home from somewhere and used the Cross Trainer and Treadill for half an hour and then was able to get a proper outside walk in late in the afternoon. Good half hour in the pleasant sunshine (lovely to have autumn weather back again) but it was funny when I was nearly home and looked up at the sky and saw the Man in the Moon looking down. Almost a full moon and out so early it was lovely to look at but unreal in a way. As Husband got a round of golf in it was an energetic day for both of us.

Was good today and did my usual walk in reverse order and noticed lots of trees colouring up and losing their leaves. Cut some time off so will have to extend the distance a bit next time. Added some weight on the bar at Pump this evening so seem to be making some progress somewhere even if I'm not sure where. With the long weekend coming up I want to get on and finish a large Teddy Bear so will definitely have to get a walk in each morning before I sit down to sew.

This is a great weekend in some ways (Easter is a joyous time) but its also the only weekend of the year I dread, all that chocolate floating around is a great trial to me and obviously also to one of my girls. she turned up the other day with a bag full of Chocolate Eggs and asked me to keep it here till Saturday as she would eat it if it was in her house.

Roll on Saturday as its not doing me any good seeing it in the corner of my bedroom each day. Stress comes in all shapes and sizes - little chocolate eggs included.

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Wet Saturday in Melbourne

I finally managed to get to a Pump class this morning at the Leisure Centre. It had an extra component to it today in that the instructors were giving instructions on correct technique. I'm not all that marvellous but sometimes I look round the room at other people and think 'that doesn't look quite right' and it turns out I was right in my observations. Some of those things weren't the right 'form'

Just have to hope I can keep up the correct form each time I do it.

It was raining and miserable when I arrived and there were no Tennis Lessons on the outside courts. I suppose they will have finished for the season unless they go inside somewhere for the winter. Mind you Tennis is regarded as a summer sport so they are probably all off playing something else.

I see Australia won its round of the Davis Cup that was being played at Kooyong today so will be playing again in the next round but didn't catch who it wll be tho'. Nice to see Kooyong being used again for a topnotch tournament, it looked good on TV and brought back some memories.

Lots of children of all ages having gymnastic classes and coaching at the Leisure Centre this morning. If I can get there early enough I like to stand for a while and watch the classes on Saturday as the littlies are so funny trying to do rolls and balance on beams, reminds me of PE at school when I was small. There is loads of equipment placed around one of the basketball courts and they move around from one thing to another and do different exercises. Some of the kids are really good so you never know if there will be future Gold medal Winners for Australia in their ranks. I believe one of our recent medal winners did actually start in these classes.

This wet Saturday afternoon in Melbourne the programmes on TV were:

Davis Cup Tennis
Surf Carnival
Lawn Bowls

Are we a sports mad city or what?

Friday, April 7, 2006

Fun observations with a friend

Talking and laughing with a friend this evening we were trying to make a list of the benefits of weight loss

This is some of what I came up with:-

The Benefits to me of healthy living and weight loss

I can breathe more easily
I can move more easily
I can garden more easily
I therefore can dig the ground more easily
I can walk several kilometers without huffing and puffing
I can ride my bike round the park with the grandchildren and keep up with them
I can lift huge great bags of sugar cane mulch and cat litter without asking Husband to do it for me

My clothes fit me more easily – buttons zips and the like close properly
There is very little bra fat on my back
I can put shoes and socks on without going blue in the face
I can also tie my laces without going blue in the face
I can put my knickers and trousers on without having to lean up against the wall to balance

There must be more but thats all I could think of off the top of my head

Getting used to the change

Cool again last night – finally gave in and turned the heating on. Such welcome warmth and with the new heating we put in last year hopefully a lot cheaper than before.

I changed the blankets on the bed to the wool ones the other day and that helped a lot overnight – husband laughed when I fished the hottie out of the laundry cupboard and filled it last night but as he won't have electric blankets he will have to get used to the nightly ritual as he doesn’t like the cold feet I have and until the bed and my feet warm up thats the only other alternative. :)

Will have to get back into the walking soon as I know from experience it doesn't take much (could be something like bad weather) to turn me off exercise . I missed again today as I was tied up with a meeting and then the rain has come down all afternoon.

We have a daughter who really enjoys her running and will be out in town on Sunday doing the Childrens Hospital 14.5km run. She does runs of various distances including half marathons and told me recently she and a friend were contemplating putting their names down for the Melbourne Marathon in October as well something called Trailwalkers 2007 which involves walking/running 100kms in 48hrs.

Sounds like hard work to me, but then at the moment 5kms in my book is not a short walk. :))

Thursday, April 6, 2006

My day of rest

My foot was feeling much better so early on today I thought I'd tackle cutting back some of the summer stuff thats finished for the time being. Things like Salvias and Pentstemons don't look their best after flowering so I usually take them back by half for the winter.

Just one thing got in the way - the weather. I think the one who made all things bright and beautiful has forgotten the season of autumn because it has been like winter outside my house today.

And rain – well it hasn’t rained like this for a while – not that I am complaining - but nice gentle rain would be good – not heavy downpours that wash everything away and make life a bit on the squelshy side. Gave it up as a bad job and settled down on the deck with a book and cup of coffee.

Early last year I took a bit of persuading to agree to Husband installing Bistro Blinds (those clear vinyl type blinds) round the deck and also putting a roof over it as I love the feel of sun and air and if it's hot and sunny use an umbrella and an upright fan for shade and breeze. But I must confess its on days like this that it is nice to be able to go outside and sit - a bit chilly I know - and enjoy the fresh air.

We changed the lounge suite a couple of years ago and I stashed the armchairs in the garage. Last winter much to the families annoyance I brought them out and put them on the deck - not the done thing - and put them back in the garage again during the summer. They are back on the deck again ..........and Yes I looked a Granny (which I am) today wrapped up in a blanket with my book and coffee and oh so comfy and warm.

Its like buying a new pair of shoes - comfort before style these days

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

He who Hesitates is Lost

How many times did I hear my Mother say that and never really take much notice.

Both Yesterday and Today it came true

I mentioned to Husband this morning as we drove along past the Service Station I would pop back and fill my car when we got home. Instead of doing it when we got home, I put the kettle on and enjoyed a nice cup of tea and left the trip up the road until quite a lot later

Yes you guessed it

When I realized it had jumped in price from $1.21 a litre to $1.34 a litre in one foul swoop I was so disgusted I drove on by and thought I am able to coast along for a few more days on whats in the tank and get some when it’s gone down a bit.

Maybe that’s what I should do when I fancy things like bars of chocolate and chocolate biscuits – imagine they have risen so greatly in price I baulk at paying for them and leave them on the shelf at the supermarket. Unfortunately I can never just eat one or a little bit so its best they don’t come into the house at all.

No exercise today as I have a very swollen ankle.

Yesterday I was carrying a heavy box and feeling it slipping from my grip I hesitated at a doorway and instead of just dropping the box and moving swiftly out of the way I stupidly let it land on my ankle. Well the reason (or so I keep telling myself) I didn’t move out of the way is that I didn’t think it was going to actually land where it did.

Very sore and swollen by the evening – had iced it and was resting with it raised but troublesome enough to make me take some Paracetamol and ring the Dr’s to get an early appt just to check it out. Iced it again before bed and even though it throbbed a bit I slept sound. Felt ok this morning so cancelled the Dr and I have been able to walk gingerly with the support of my runners so realized not much harm done but I won’t be doing long walks or classes for a few days until it feels just right.

Never rains but it pours ..........................just like the weather outside our house at the moment.

Monday, April 3, 2006

Waterbaby I am not

I did go to the pool early this morning and managed to do 8 laps again but then felt really cold and had to get out. As I went in I noticed the temp gauge said the water was 29c but I have my doubts. My fingers had gone white and my whole body felt cold, strange sensation and I'll have to mention it to the Dr next time I'm there. When I got home ( five min drive) I ran a bath and lazed around in there listening ot the radio and reading so was quite waterlogged when I got out !! Felt nice and warm all morning tho'

Not content with that I got in a session of Body Pump late this afternoon, put some of my weights up so feel exercised out. Unfortunately won't have time for anything tomorrow as I'll be out from early morn till very late afternoon. Will have to try for along walk on Wednesday to make up for it.

Somehow I think it's nearly time to empty the freezer and see whats down the bottom. I thought we had some fish in there which I fancied for dinner tonight but a quick search has been fruitless..........however I did discover there are 4 legs of lamb that need to be eaten and a couple of chickens also. Which means I'll have to do some proper cooking one day soon, with the change in the weather I don't mind putting the oven on as it will make the kitchen nice and warm and cozy.

There are countless chops and sausages that weren't used at BBQs during the summer so if the girls don't want them for the grandchildren I think they will go in the bin as they aren't on the menu for Husband and I these days. Nice healthy food is my choice these days - well some days I might slip up and slip in a choccy or two - but we can't be perfect all the time can we? :)

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Round 1

Well here in Melbourne the footy (aussie rules) season has begun and the opening round is taking in part of last week - all this weekend - and then part of next week. Talk about a Grand Entrance to get the fans interested.

Two of the grandsons are playing for different local clubs and the 2 clubs happened to have training games against each other this morning. Husband and I decided (after being prompted by their parents) to go down to the local oval and watch them play but I had forgotten how cool it can feel when the wind blows across that oval and so wasn’t the happiest person when I got out of the car and realized I’d left my jacket at home.

Then it dawned on me – local footy, park round the perimeter of the oval, sit in the car, Grandma has a warm body and keeps the boys happy at the same time.

Bummer no car spots near the fence so had to stand in the sun and look comfortable.

Won’t make that mistake again :))

After the cold morning its been a funny sort of afternoon - cloudy and cool one minute – then the suns out and its pleasant.
Spent some time earlier raking up some of next doors oak leaves and acorns…. from off of my grass. The b…. tree hangs over our fence and I’m sure we get most of the leaves and acorns on our side of the fence. I don’t mind gathering up the leaves later on, they then can go into the compost but this time of the year the grass and the garden beds are full of the little blighters and I spend time now and again on Emu Parade. That’s what our kids used to call it at school when their grade had to go out and pick up the litter in the school grounds. Filled the wheelie bin as the last thing I need are thousands of oak trees growing in the compost.

No walk today but am thinking about a dip in the pool tomorrow.