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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Where did the week go?

Well, its been quite a while since a week has passed by as quickly as this last one. All I seem to have done is travel, smile at people, travel and then sleep.

Life in the Athletes Village at Parkville is becoming more hectic each day as teams are arriving along with their officials. I am slowly getting to recognise some of the team colours and their outfits - even a few large as life characters attached to teams - so can say Hello and know where some of them are from. Its a good job they have the country names on the back as I'm not sure if I'll get to remember all 71 team colours when they have all arrived:)

There are lots of visitors passing through the area where I am working - am having a lot of contact with what we would possibly call the general public (guests of the athletes and officials and Village Management) - not the VIPs tho - they are ushered into the lounge next to ours. Its got carpet on the floor and not vinyl!!

I have regained all that feeling of confidence and corny as it may sound 'worth' that I had whilst I was working and is sort of taken away when you retire and are asked what you do. Why does it seem as tho people lose interest when you describe your daily life and they realise its not a working for cash life.

I am so glad I lost weight over the past year as I would be exhausted if I was carrying those extra kilos now and these volunteer uniforms are nice but not the most flattering to the larger sized bodies. Trying to fit exercise in this week has been a hassle but I did manage to walk twice and found time to do one pump class but with all the walking I am doing around the Village I'm not worrying too much. Have steered clear of some of the food choices provided for us - there were meat pies available one day much to the delight of some of the men who were complaining about 'pouffy food' - mostly I have been good and chosen from the healthy stuff, lots of steamed veggies and different salads, diet yogurts and fruit and water by the gallon. I haven't needed to eat at home cept for my lovely filling porridge breakfast in the morning or a small sandwich at night.

So I must have been doing something right as my scales this morning said.........wait for it.........62.8kgs

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