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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Putting on a show

The feel and look of Melbourne is good at the moment.

Yesterday I took my turn at Federation Square welcoming visitors onto the Village Shuttle service and was so taken by the amount of people out and about.

Had a little break and was able to wander round the Square, nearly got crushed in the crowd. There is so much FREE stuff going on there and around the city for the next 2 weeks - there was an aboriginal market area showcasing lifestyle and crafts as well as other displays and live shows and with the Museum next door as well its anoying to not have it available all year round

Tried to get a glimpse of whoever was doing the afternoon shift on 77.4 but the crowd was so deep I couldn't get a look in. As well as the crowd in Fed Square the outside of Flinders St station and St Paul's Catherdral was packed with people listening to the group playing by the church as well as deciding which way they had to go to reach different venues. It was windy and a bit chilly part of the time but that didn't seem to bother anyone at all especially the kids by the thousand and their frazzled carers ( parents, grandparents or whoever). Lots of noise, smiles and laughter, had a great time and hope I'm on the Fed Square roster again next week.

No official exercise as I was very late home Thursday night and out again at 11am Friday but I did watch some of the sports on screens around the place and some of the swimming in the dining room during my meal break so maybe that counts!! I wish :))

Today it is sunny here in the Eastern suburbs so hopefully after I take the cats up to the cattery (I have got a lot of late shifts over the next 2 weeks and its going to make it easier and less stressfull if I don't have to worry about them) I will be able to get a long walk in.

With so much to do and not needing any stress I haven't weighed myself this week but feel healthy and not blah so maybe thats a good sign.

Well I'm off to see how the Triathlon is going. Heard someone came a cropper off their bike a short time ago, hope they weren't hurt.

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  1. Sounds like a great experience, Cathy. And love the photo of you and hubby in the smurfsuits..LOL. :) Looking good!!
    Enjoy it. :)


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